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Windows\Temp folder cleaning

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Hi Guys,


{XP2, SP2, CCleaner 2.03.532}


I moved all temporary folders from the default locations by changing Environmental Variables

Tmp; Temp (User & System) now associated with some places on another partition (F: drive)


Everything is fine with User changes but for System ones CCleaner still cleaning the "default" C:\Windows\temp,

which is probably Ok because MS & other bad programs :) continue to put rubbish there (possibly they have hardcoded Temp loocation)

At the same time those good programs, which are taking in consideration Env. Vars. honestly write into F:\_Win_Temp\, for example.


I need to add the directory to the List of Included for additional cleaning.


The question is:

Was that programmed in CCleaner intentionally? (I mean - ignoring System TMP; TEMP Env. Vars.)


Thanks in advance

My regards

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