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Ny Thoughts + Problem that needs fixing

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I downloaded the latest version (v1.00.031) today.




As I now use Vista, its great to have a freeware Defragger than now actually has a UI, and can analyze. Speaking of which, the UI is great. I haven't had any bug freezes either, which is great, especially for a Beta. Even though its a feature I won't ever use, its cool that you have the option to select fragmented files. Also, I like the way you can see what files are fragmented.




*Problem that needs fixing*:


The actual defragmenter isn't great. Well, I defragmented my D drive, great. However, my C drive which all my programs are installed on, isn't so great, considering how, a list keeps re-appearing after having defragmented, which is a whopping 5.5 GB pf fragmented files. If this is fixed, I wouldn't have any major criticisms,but as this stands, it isn't great.


Also, for XP users, I can't see any major reason why they should use this, simply as it doesn't really offer anything new, apart from selecting individual files. If the actual quality of defragmentation was increased so that it was better than Window's own, then that would be a good reaosn as to why XP users should use it.



Anyways, thats my two cents.

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From what I have seen, the defragging is better than the default XP defrag. The files pretty well all go into one piece - it can take multiple efforts with the default one to do this. Also, defragging a drive with really limited free space will now be possible :P


And in comparison with the piece of crap in Vista, well nothing need be said there :angry:

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No one care about the issue?


It's not that no one cares... its that you report/complaint leaves so much to be desired so it didn't deserve comment... like real information to base it on...


For instance... a drive that is nearly full and doesn't have the room to completely defrag the fragmented files would explain the situation completely... As would the files that were left also happened to be files that were in use at the time... or that the files were other temp/log or other similar files that were started being created after the initial defrag was started.. and I'm sure of other possible reasons that aren't even covered in those few exist as well.


Can you say what other defragmentation programs you have run and which ones were able to defrag the files in questions that you brought up? Without qualified comments ... the statements made so far just don't cover the possible issue at hand without additional info / comparisons.


Rixtar has also brought up a very valid point... Vista, at this point in time could at worst be called a public beta release or at best a public release candidate... its far from being considered a stable OS at this time and has many issues to still be addressed. If past experiences mean anything, XP wasn't stabilized until well after a year after its release... it isn't even close to that time frame yet for Vista.

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