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Yahoo Toolbar Install

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I really do not appreciate having Yahoo Toolbar installed on my system as part of the CC Cleaner update. It should be given as an option to install or not. <_<

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At install you are offered the choice of installing the toolbar or not. Either you didn't look at the install correctly or perhaps weren't looking.


CCleaner does NOT install the yahoo toolbar by default - you are given a choice.


Do you need help in uninstalling the toolbar? If so follow the instructions here from rridgely


To get rid of it download this:



(make sure your browser is closed before doing the below)

Run a scan with hijackthis and you will get a list of entries. Look in the 02 section for the yahoo toolbar and put a checkmark next to it. Press "fix checked" and exit hijackthis. The toolbar should be gone when you open IE.


Now go to C:/program files and delete the yahoo folder. Then run ccleaners' issues scanner to clean up the remnants.

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