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Adobe Flash Player settings.sol

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Hey Guys -


I'm not sure if this is necessarily a bug, but probably more of an annoyance. I have noticed that CCleaner clears the settings.sol file created by Adobe Flash Player. One of the settings that is stored in this file is the "Automatic Update" feature for Adobe Flash. I typically disable this setting, especially on lab computers, so that new versions of Adobe Flash don't automatically try to download. The problem is that CCleaner deletes this file. I'm not sure why it would do this. I could see a purpose of removing it on other website, but not the main file.


I know that the problem can be fixed by unchecking Adobe Flash Player under applications, but this removes the other cleaning of Adobe temporary files. Maybe there would be someway to prevent this file from being cleaned by default. I know I could add an exclusion, but then I would have to add that everytime I install CCleaner. I guess I'm just failing to see the purpose of cleaning that file.


This is the file:

%userprofile%\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\macromedia.com\support\flashplayer\sys\settings.sol


Thanks Guys.

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CCLeaner by itself does not remove settings.sol at the base adobe folder, only the per-site settings

either you have included it or are using an old winapp2.ini

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