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Chimei 222H & HDMI-DVI-D-Sub

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Hi Guys,

I got Chimei CMV 222H monitor. It has D-Sub and HDMI connections. My Video card has DVI and VGA connections. Somewhere I was reading that connecting displays with DVI support is a better choice but there are no substantial advantages when running Graphics Applications (other then games. I?m not interested in games).

This display does not have DVI but I know that there are DVI-HDMI adaptors.

Can anybody, please, tell how that may or may not be used and/or would it be a better choice. I do kinda understand that DVI-VGA (my card- my monitor) is a possible variant but I don?t see it may bring any improvements in performance (using a simple but probably wrong logic :) )

Thanks in advance


I've posted this to several forums and got just one answer ("HDMI-DVI" - no advantages...again..???)

It's a bit strange... whatever I read about those ... at least: no additional analog-digital conversion...

sounds like there should be performance gain... :unsure:


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