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Software Utility to identify unknown hardware

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Hello all,

I am working on a Toshiba laptop that came with Windows Vista, The user prefers to use their legally purchased version of Windows XP/SP2. Per a phone call to Toshiba, they will not support the change to XP. Going to their site and looking at the specific model number, reveals no drivers for XP. Using the XP control panel reveals the expected "?" for items not recognized by XP for this new model laptop. I have tried "System Information for Windows" version 1.69 available from:


This is an excellent program but it only reveals hardware information already recognized by Windows. It does not show the unrecognized "?" hardware (Ethernet LAN port, Wireless LAN, Modem, Sound/Audio).

I have tried Microsoft's "System Internals" with no success.

I have searched several driver sites with the Toshiba model number (P105-S6147) with little success. I did find DriverPacks.net Forum where they indicated I could create a new slipstreamed XP/SP2 installation CD. I can do this as a last resort to try to see IF that will resolve the issue. XP is already installed and I only need the 4 drivers mentioned above.

I have searched the Internet with no success yet.

Is there a free utility/program that will identify the hardware manufacturer and model number in a PC where Windows can not identify it?

Thank you for any ideas,


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