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Feature Request-Issues List,2B able 2 Copy List

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I just downLoaded and installed CC for the first time because of the glowing reviews from FileForum and SnapFiles. I ran it for the first time and being a little O/C,I made log files of the first 2 tabs before doing anything. But when it came to the Issues Section(which was a very long list),there was no way to copy the information to a log text file. I couldnt even use my screen capture program as it is such a bizarre size horizontally. I think being able to copy the list is a necessary thing and was shocked that there was no way to copy the information to a text file as one can do with the first two sections. I wanted to be able to study the list before proceeding as it was a very long list and wanted to have it as a reference in case I needed to restore something. It would make it alot easier to restore something if there was a list in text format to refer to. I had a lot of plug-ins for Psp7.04 listed on it and this causes some worry. So please,can this feature be added to a new version? Also, I have a program called "ClipTrakker",and it visually keeps snapshots of things copied and they can be saved. It is invaluable for graphics and information. There is a feature to clear the clipboard. This program takes the place of the "clipboard" from Windows and I would not want it automatically cleared,as its purpose is to be able to save what has been copied and have it visually available until I delete it. Will the clear clipboard feature effect this program? And one last thing, I also have a laptop in additon to my desktop. Will CC work on the laptop or will it cause problems? Sorry if this sound naive but I just aquired the laptop and am not as familiar with using one as I am with a desktop. :huh:

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The way Issues is designed you can't export it to a text file. Because it has columns in it.


CCleaner should run just fine on a laptop.

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