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Some deleted filenames renamed, some not

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CC v1.40.520, single overwrite, XP


If I run CCleaner, look at the deleted files with Recuva, and sort them in modified date order, at the top of the list is a number of files that have been renamed with a variation on a capital letter, e.g. LLLLLL.LL, LLL.LLL. LLLLLLLLLL.L etc. This is handy, as they act as a marker for the run of CCleaner. They will always be at the head of the modifed date list as they were modified (by CCleaner) at the time CCleaner was run. This file renaming only seems to apply when secure deletion is selected (I run with single overwrite).


This renaming shows however, that only a minority of the files deleted in a particular run are renamed. In other words there are a lot of un-renamed files from sites I've visited since the previous run of CCleaner. Why is this so, and what are the rules for which are renamed and which are left with their original file names? It doesn't seem to matter where they come from, as most originate in temp internet files.


This highlights another issue. I have recovered some of the 'capital letter' files marked as Excellent and all appear to be overwritten. as they should be. I have also recovered several of the un-renamed files, and those have NOT been overwritten. It seems that the overwrite function is only applying to a small percentage of the files which are deleted. I apologise for slipping this in here, but I have raised two threads on this subject previously with absolutely no response, which rather surprises me.



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