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Problem with Registry

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CCleaner changes the registry in the following manner (I don't think it does it on purpose, but it does none-the-less). I get a Counterspy alert that it's trying to do it, and no matter if I block it, it does it anyway. In one or both of the following keys:


HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders

HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders


the Recent value gets changed from an Expandable String Value to a plain String Value the Data being %USERPROFILE%\Recent. When you try to install almost any software from that point on, it cannot install, returns a Microsoft 1606 error. This occurs if the Microsoft Installation Engine is used in the installation. The following URL addresses the problem and the fix:


Microsoft KB886549


Can you please find what causes this and correct it. I had the problem with both version 1.18.099 and 1.19.105. :)


BTW it took me a long time to find and fix the error as the error message didn't stay on the screen for very long as it errored out, and I couldn't figure what "broke" it.

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I see other references (search CCleaner forums for '1606') to other people having this prob, even our own rridgely...


PS: A computer I'm working on just had this problem. Counterspy (basically, GIANT) came up and said %USERPROFILE%\Recent was changed, and I blocked it, but it happened anyway, just as described in the first post here. Odd that this is again Counterspy... but at any rate...

I hadn't even installed CCleaner yet.




This guy had one coolwebsearch object, which may have broken it, who knows.


Yep, it got changed to a REG_SZ by mistake.


So, this isn't a CCleaner issue at all.

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Dj I just saw this and was surprised. This guy had the problem I had a while ago. The only thing is I didnt have counterspy. I probably did have MS antispy though but I dont remember if I got the change notice or not. I never thought this problem was caused by CCleaner and I dont know about counterspy but my issue wasnt from counterspy. Strange though.

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I know this is an old post but I am having this same problem with the registry changes. I too have CounterSpy installed. I wasn't clear on what the root cause of this issue was determined to be.

It appears to me that it is probably an issue with CounterSpy and not CCleaner.

I will post these issues on CounterSpys board and see if I can resolve this issue. I will post on this board the solution if I find it or confirmation that CounterSpy is causing the problem.


Thanks for any help that is offered.

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