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On-Recover Actions

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Dropdown menu with these possible entries:

-Format non-selected files

-Move file(s) location on HDD so no fragments. (perhaps an option of where on the drive too, and, if it would have to overwrite a possible recovery offer suggestions e.g. where a MRU list was for a small file. Also I dont know how the recovery works in the first place so this may already happen.)

-Recover on restart(?) (This was a shot in the dark but somebody might find it usefull)

-Individually choose. (adds checkboxes to each possible recovery file with the options from here?)




Other ideas (perhaps these should be put into new topics);


- Stand alone version (requires no install / can be run from removable device) - reduce the chance anything was overwritten

- Customise Columns (which one is first, second, ect.)

- CRC / MD5 checksum (before?) restore. Some files might have a CRC (many media files) in the file name or you might know the MD5 so you know if its actually what you want.

-> following from above, if two poor quality files share the same file name but different checksum, then offer to use both to improve the quality (?)

- Colour coding for file quality e.g. excellent = green, poor = red.

- Filter on modified date (e.g. if you just deleted it by accident you could have "within last hour" or day.)

- More context menu options e.g. "Select all of same path" and "Select Inverse"

- Check location with a (small?) database so you dont go restoring deleted quarentiened files (?)

- Start menu shortcut location - suggest the current defult, but allow users own choice.



--- everything i put with a " (?) " means I'm not sure how usefull it would be or possible it is to do =].

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