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  1. End of Ccleaner support

    We had no idea. Usually the installer asks to install Google Chrome. This was the first time ever it asked to install Avast for us and we installed Ccleaner on every machine we've sold since before it was called Ccleaner. We have never and will never install Avast due to my own personal experience with the software. Live and learn. Thanks for the info.
  2. Avast Hidden Install

    Only if a user eventually buys it. Otherwise - nada. Because of this, unlike other creators of free software (who get paid for third-party installs regardless of what happens afterwards) there is zero motivation on CCleaner's part to "drive-by" install anything to users who would immediately uninstall it. As I mentioned earlier in this thread, there are rules set up to not even bother offering Avast to users who seem unlikely to want it, and an eye-catching purple-and-orange banner that takes up a third of the install screen for those who might. We are continually tweaking this to minimise unwanted accidental installs, and working on a solution that should be more completely robust to installer glitches from a user's environment.
  3. Last paragraph in this post is what works for some, i.e.; using the Slim build installer. For others such as myself I use the Portable ZIP version which has no ability to install any 3rd party software be that Avast Free Antivirus or Google offers. There is an on-going discussion about it here, which even has some official responses: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/51681-avast-hidden-install/
  4. Avast Hidden Install

    @flippertie thanks for this - outlining your test scenarios in this fashion was extremely helpful. Your third time around showed the intended behaviour. The second install attempt displaying the Avast offer would have checked for existing AV before offering, but seems to have failed to detect your Trend Micro since it was switched off at the time. I am concerned with what happened the first time around though - that would certainly be a "bug not a feature". To help us replicate this scenario, are you able to confirm: Can you recall which 5.4x version you were updating from? Was this in response to an in-product notification advising that you were 11/12/13 released out of date? At what point did Trend Micro pop up during the first failed install attempt? Do you recall what it said when it did pop up? At what point did the CCleaner installation show as unresponsive in the Task Manager? Was the failure to delete the old CCleaner executable something you observed, or was there a specific error message that popped up telling you that it had happened?
  5. Avast Hidden Install

    I created an account here just to confirm (as if it was needed) that the silent install of Avast is still happening. I tried to update from v5.4x to v5.57 today. The install screen was clean (no Avast splash). I actively checked because I've been caught by it before on other PCs. Just like I check for McAffee installs with Adobe reader - once you've been caught a couple of times you remember. The upgrade failed to complete because it couldn't delete the old ccleaner executable. My existing Antivirus (trend micro) had popped up during the install so I thought maybe it was interfering with the process . I closed down Trend Micro, used TaskManager to kill the hung CCleaner process then re-ran the CCleaner install. Again there was NO splash offering Avast but a few minutes later Chrome popped up to tell me Avast was trying to install and extension. - and sure enough Avast had done a silent install. For the fun of it I deleted the registry key that ccleaner uses to check if the offer has been displayed. (Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\AvastAdSDK) Then uninstalled and-reinstalled ccleaner. This time the Avast splash screen was displayed. Third time round: I uninstalled CCleaner, deleted the registry key again, restarted my Trend Micro antivirus and ran the installer again. No Avast offer and no avast install either. This is how it's meant to work. For what it worth - I understand the need to offer other software, and I appreciate the fact that they have made the banner loud and visible -but it does real damage to the credibility of the companies involved when this keeps happening and when their representatives appear to assume the hundreds of people reporting these sneak installs are stupid, blind or both. No i didn't miss it. It wasn't there. Really. I have loved using ccleaner and have installed it on dozens of PCs and I can tell you that these hidden installs do happen and no one who's seen it more than once or twice believes that it's not deliberate. This has been going on for at least 6 months and has been independently verified. It looks like the commenters on this bleeping computer article were right. The day Avast's takeover of Piriform was announced people predicted they would be silently bundling and installing software and they were right.
  6. The slim build doesn't contain any toolbars or Avast install offers etc., so perhaps your machine preferred it (mine does)
  7. I purchased a lifetime license of the CCleaner Professional bundle with Defraggler on 08/31/2013 and the product had a 1 year subscription. The one year subscription was for ongoing technical support (the privilege of working with a real life person when there are issues). Everything in the product should continue to work including automatic updates and cleaning of browsers when they close. That is how I remember it and that is how the product has been functioning for the last six years. It is also licensed per computer. I received the below reply from support in 2015. This was not listed in the order or payment email. "All of our software is licensed per computer. This means if you have one license, you can install it on one computer." - Tova If Avast wants to make changes then they need to choose a date and grandfather everyone before that date. Preferably a date where the website was updated to clearly state the changes to the subscription. With that said I dug up the original email that I received from Piriform back in 2013. I received one email after my payment was processed and it contained the payment information along with a pdf of my order and a pdf outlining terms for information on payment, delivery and performance. There are two generic paragraphs in the pdf about payment, delivery and performance that reference subscriptions. They do not reference any specific product or package that a customer may have purchased. They are: I. Payment 1. The payment of the purchase price is due immediately upon entry into the contract and shall take place in the manner specified in cleverbridge’s General Terms and Conditions of business (GTC) available on the cleverbridge Website. With the exception of purchases on account or purchases with grant of a direct debit authorization payments shall take place prior to delivery. Where the Customer has purchased Products or Services with recurring payment obligations (subscriptions) the prices are due at the agreed interval(s) and Customer shall pay these or make the corresponding purchase price available using the payment option he/she/it has selected for debiting by cleverbridge. II. Delivery and Performance ... 2. Upon purchase of digital Products and Services the Customer receives, following the order, access to a code for the activation of the Software, access to a Webpage with a download link for the downloading of the Software, or the use of the digital Product or Service is facilitated or provided in some other way. Upon purchase of digital Products and Services with recurring payment obligations (subscriptions) the download shall only be authorized, the Service supplied or the ordered goods dispatched, in each case, after full receipt of payment for the period for which the recurring payment obligation exists. The document is attacked for your review. Regards, Scott Information on Payment, Delivery and Performance.pdf
  8. Avast Hidden Install

    CCleaner v5.32.6129 is the last version without any influence from the owner Avast. But old versions will have two bugs in them that can damage Windows 10 in particular the cleaners for Windows.old and Fonts Cache should be disabled/unticked in old versions and/or exclusions put in place so those files can never be deleted. I only use the portable ZIP version and it has never tried to install anything else not even before I started blocking CCleaner .EXE files Internet access via Windows Firewall. The portable version has never installed Avast and never any Google stuff, etc., reason being the installer versions are what's needed to install the additional unwanted software.
  9. Avast Hidden Install

    I joined this forum to explore this new problem with ccleaner adding avast to its latest updates. I have been using "CCleaner - Portable" found here (https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/builds) if you want to download it on ccleaner.com. I find that it uses less ram and space on my disk, plus does not clutter up my dll registry. When it is time to update I come over to the link above and get the latest portable version and install it. I found out about this new problem with ccleaner on another forum that stays on top of the latest software updates and suggests to its members to install or to avoid the new updates. ....If you google search " problem with ccleaner installing avast " without quotes, you will see how many sites and users are deeply troubled and suggesting others not install the latest updates. Someone in admin on this forum should send the word/news up to the top of your company that you have a problem growing exponentially with your user base that is really ticked off. One answer to this problem if .piriform.com does not correct this problem is anyone can go to one of the several software download sites and get an older version of ccleaner before piriform.com added their own crap (avast) to this great free software. My problem is I need someone who knows what was the last version of ccleaner that did not include avast. Maybe some user that knows from experience can post it on this thread. ---->My question is, does the portable version now have the avast install hidden in it as well? ...Can a moderator or someone who has installed the portable version tell me if avast is automatically installed when I first use it to clean my computer? *Thank you forum members and moderators for listening to my concerns. Sorry if I sound like I am ranting, but I have loved ccleaner since I first found it many years ago and hate to see a such a great software used by millions corrupted by corporate greed. There are a lot of poor users who can not afford to buy the pro version, like elder people on fixed incomes like myself.
  10. Install question

    Probably the Avast offer. Don't do a restart. Don't (left) click on any new Avast icon on your desktop. If you have got a new icon then RIGHT click on it and look in the Properties where that icon is pointing to, go to there in file explorer and delete the files. If that advice is too late, or once you've done that, look on here for 'unwanted Avast install.' Sorry can't link from this phone.
  11. just got caught with this sneaky install of Avast knocked out my Kaspersky install very pissed off now have to find my liscence number and reinstall Kaspersky
  12. The offer for Avast is only displayed on the first page of the setup. https://forum.piriform.com/search/?&q=avast install&type=forums_topic&nodes=4&sortby=newest
  13. I can't access my (Free) Ccleaner

    Many thanks, hazelnut. I've installed the free version. By the way, I clicked too quickly to install it (well it is nearly midnight & I need my beauty sleep!) - I forgot to uncheck installation of Avast, It took me 40 minutes to uninstall it using Revo Pro and was a real pain as the Avast 'survey' required restarting my laptop which in turn interfered with removing it. All done now. Many thanks for your help - much appreciated. I can't find how to mark your reply as the Answer so I'll do that in the morning after I've read the FAQs.
  14. Unbelievable

    The Slim build was suggested because it's a freeware installer, and it doesn't have any 3rd party software included, and since the OP was already upset why even chance an install with the Standard build which could "mysteriously" install Avast Free Antivirus without any user consent. Edit: Which ever build you download make sure the file names and hashes match to confirm you have the correct downloaded file, you can confirm by looking at this official announcement post: https://forum.piriform.com/topic/53095-ccleaner-v5516939/ After getting the correct freeware installer you can disable that startup with Windows by doing the following: 1. Open CCleaner, and go into: Options > Smart Cleaning 2. Disable anything in Smart Cleaning that you don't want starting with Windows.
  15. Avast Hidden Install

    Why do you need to resort to this type of sneaky unethical promotion in the first place? Why not make it opt-in instead. Are you that desperate for revenue? I had no idea you were cramming Avast down my throat. There was NO WARNING. I already tried this product and it caused a conflict. I just wasted 3 hours getting rid of a crappy product that I didn't know was there and that you forced on me. I can't believe a disk cleanup product would install malware on my machine. You have completely violated the trust that was placed with you. Even worse, you engage in public arguments with your customers to try to justify your misdeed. I'll be getting a refund from you. Only I'll be a douche bag just like you were. Instead of politely asking you for a refund I'll contest the charge with my credit card company and force a chargeback fee on you.
  16. Avast Hidden Install

    I don't get the prompt to install Avast because I have an internet security suite that has the options to: - "Automatically clear check boxes to install additional software & warn of attempts to install additional progs" - "Don't show installation steps that may contain adverts & offers for additional apps" Is it possible you have something similar that didn't fully work with the newest version of the CCleaner installer?
  17. CCleaner Pro Lifetime Licence - why has it expired?

    I'm in the same boat. And if you contact support to find out how to remove the annoying popup ad, as directed, they will simply send you instructions on how to uninstall CCleaner and download/install the free version. This was definitely either a bait-and-switch or a campaign to hide the fact that these licenses were only good for a year. I will set up a google alert to notify me of when a class action lawsuit is filed against Avast/Piriform.
  18. Avast Hidden Install

    I didn't receive any opt out. Nothing was on the install screen or anywhere else mentioning Avast. After I updated CCleaner to the newest build I had an Avast Icon on my desktop. I understand it does show up for some people but not for everyone obviously. That's a serious issue that needs to be addressed not just because of the obvious reason but also installing it can cause some major issues if a person already has active protection on their PC. I made an account just now on these forums because it is indeed that serious of an issue. Piriform needs to fix this issue ASAP or remove Avast from CCleaner.
  19. Changes in v5.45 and your feedback

    CCUpdate.exe is supposed to be a stand alone application to allow Piriform to force update your CCleaner in the event of an 'emergency'. It was introduced following last years malware hack in the installer. It will reinstall itself everytime you install CCleaner or Update CCleaner. I have recently discovered that as it installs itself it also changes your firewall rules to allow itself through. This behaviour is repeatable- remove the emergency updater 'allow' rule from your firewall, then reinstall/update CCleaner and the emergency updater is added to the firewall 'allow' rules again. Users who are using their firewall to block connections to/from Piriform/Avast might want to take a look at that. (I'm not sure how it would affect 'Hosts' blocking). Remember that this is NOT CCleaner itself. (It's the emergency updater and I can understand why it has to do it to work, if you want it to work that is).
  20. Changes in v5.45 and your feedback

    I don't think anyone cares about future updates. Damage is done. Have you consulted your GDPR lawyers this time or are you scamming enough that you can quite happily pay your 5% annual turnover ICO fine. I have never updated since you forced Avast install on me. Then argued the toss that there was an option to disable the install. Which there wasn't. Sold your soul to the devil. Game over.
  21. Changes in v5.45 and your feedback

    I've been a CCleaner user for much of the past decade, and have always considered it reliable so routinely have upgraded when new versions are posted to FileHippo and the morning bootup reveals the one installed on my different computers needs replacing. I followed that protocol again with the 5.45 release, but rather quickly discovered that it was crashing on both Win10 and Win7 machines -- figured it was just a foible of something in the release that hadn't been fully beta-tested and so proceeded to uninstall that new release and re-install the functionality of v5.44 until there was a subsequent update notice. Just discovered this bit of news about Piriform becoming part of Avast and the intrinsic problems with the active monitoring setup -- not at all sure that I'll make the effort to upgrade when there's a new release, but will certainly wait a few days and read through the forum posts to make a final decision. Sad...really sad. The demanding thirst for monetization through analytics has imposed such near-requisites for covert exfiltration of user information to satisfy the bottom line from what had been reputable and trustworthy firms, but that list is rapidly shrinking to a vanishing point.
  22. Changes in v5.45 and your feedback

    Precisely. It was not a mistake. I believe (as all of us should), that the decision to insert/implement the "Heartbeat" monitoring system was discussed, created, coded in, tested and put "out there" for us to be "monitored"... at least our usage practices, at least. This, without the courtesy of an "Opt-Out" button. Had I not known to look into "what's new" in programs that I use (or may acquire), before allowing an update or install, I would have allowed this (in my opinion) "sneaky" move on Avast/Piriform/cCleaner's part. The move was not a flippant, off-the-cuff afterthought - it couldn't be. Privacy concerns is part of everyone's daily computer use today, I'd venture to say. In my opinion, they (Avast/Piriform/cCleaner) must have known there would be blow-back, and opted to gamble that their followers would accept the default "opt-in", and the other things I read that the changes in v5.45 affected. (I did not use it, so I only read about the Tray thing... and running after program close... whatever). They knew, and put it out there, believing many of us would "swallow". Others have said this, and I'll echo: "I'm sick of this attitude". I found a couple of alternatives that will do what cCleaner did - no problem... There will be plenty of people who are still unaware of Avast/Piriform/cCleaner's transgression, and who probably updated, not knowing of the changes. There will be others who believe it isn't a big thing, and will accept the monitoring... there will be new users, who don't know Avast/Piriform/cCleaner's past, but heard that "cCleaner is good", in some manner of context, and will download and use it. cCleaner may yet survive this debacle (on their part), but it sure won't be from support of those that think more of themselves than Avast/Piriform/cCleaner does. Any "mistake" would be made by us, as users... accepting disrespect is really getting old. I calmly, thoughtfully choose a different software "family" of products. They did not make a mistake, nor will I. I know it's just software, but I actually feel a little betrayed. My trust of them is gone; I'll always doubt. So I'm gone from their list. As for other users - as always, it's your choice.
  23. Changes in v5.45 and your feedback

    Hi mta: I downloaded the "standard" ccsetup535.exe installer for CCleaner v5.35.6210 (rel. 20-Sep-2017) from FileHippo at https://filehippo.com/download_ccleaner/78119/. If I go to File | Open Archive with my 32-bit WinRAR v5.60 and choose All archives including self-extracting as the file type I get the following "The archive is either in unknown format or damaged" error when I try to extract ccsetup535.exe, and I can't see any simple simple way (e.g., using right-click menus or wizards) to unpack the .exe executable with WinRAR. I thought I found a possible workaround (i.e., go to Options | Settings | Security | Prohibited File Types, enable the File types to exclude from extracting check box and delete *.exe from the list of prohibited file types) but that didn't help. I don't know if unpacking ccsetup535.exe is a straightforward process with 32-bit 7-Zip v18.05 but at this point I think I'd rather ditch CCleaner altogether and move on to another disk cleaning utility if this means I have to install another file archiver like 7-Zip to roll back CCleaner Portable to an earlier version. I was hoping Avast/Piriform would have a FTP site where users could download .zip files for older CCleaner Portable versions but that doesn't seem to be the case. ----------- 32-bit Vista Home Premium SP2 * Firefox ESR v52.9.0 * Norton Security Premium v22.14.2.13 * Wise Disk Cleaner Portable v9.7.6
  24. Hi jagga: I normally run the portable version of CCleaner Free on my 32-bit Vista SP2 machine from a USB thumb drive. I've been testing CCleaner Portable v5.45.6611 for a few days and don't see any obvious evidence that the portable version continues to monitor my system after the program is closed. I can't see anything associated with CCleaner in my startup items or Windows Task Scheduler, and I've confirmed that the settings at Options | Monitoring | Enabled Active Monitoring and Options | Settings | Inform me of updates to CCleaner are both disabled by default and remain disabled after CCleaner is closed and restarted and/or my system is re-booted. According to employee Paul Piriform's comment <above> the new "heartbeat" data will not be collected as long as Options | Monitoring | Enabled Active Monitoring remains disabled, and if that's correct then that would suggest that heartbeat data is not being collected on my system with my current settings. One thing I noticed is that the CCleaner icon shown in the image below appears in my system tray when the CCleaner interface is minimized. If I disable the setting at Options | Settings | Show CCleaner in the Windows notification area (which is enabled by default) that icon does not appear in the system tray when CCleaner is minimized, but unfortunately if you do disable that setting then you have no way of opening the CCleaner interface again and the executable stays loaded in memory as a running process without any way to stop it (unless you kill the process in Task Manager or re-boot your system). I'll have to play around with this setting a bit more but that might be a bug in CCleaner Portable v5.45 that needs to be fixed. Instead of disconnecting from the internet every time you run CCleaner, it might be easier to create a program rule that will block all incoming and outgoing traffic for the CCleaner executable through your firewall so that CCleaner can't send data back to the Avast/Piriform servers. Unfortunately that would also mean that checks for CCleaner updates probably wouldn't work so you would likely have to download new versions and install them manually. I use the two-way Norton Smart Firewall that comes bundled with my Norton Security antivirus and preventing 32-bit ccleaner.exe traffic through my firewall would be relatively simple: ----------- 32-bit Vista Home Premium SP2 * Firefox ESR v52.9.0 * Norton Security Premium v22.14.2.13 * CCleaner Portable 5.45.6611
  25. This Is A Rant

    Try reinstalling CCLeaner with the Avast, then Use the Uninstall of CCLeaner/Avast, as they will know better to what registry keys, and folders they place on your system, when removing, compared to a 3rd party application staying up to date with CCleaner/Avast most recent system installation settings, and what to remove. Keep in mind, many programs dont clean themselves up as good as they install. So its not guaranteed, but worth the try. You can still run your uninstaller afterwards.