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  1. Hi Guys, I have taken a video with my video camera and have put it onto my laptop with windows movie maker... But here is where i am stuck... I am looking for a free program that will allow me to add my video and stream it to my website... I have tryed everything I know of even myspace and the video will not work on my site and I have tryed uploading the video to a server and still no good... The program that I use to create my website allows flash movies but I dont know how to change the file... Any help would be greatly appreciated Cheers Micheal
  2. Yeah it is a secondary hard drive, I do use the windows uninstall software, but it doesnt delete the whole thing there are always bits and pieces left
  3. Hi Glenn, Thanks for your quick reply, Yeah, I was talking about my hard drive, sorry I didnt mention that... I have C: 21.25GB and D: 15 GB, the C: is down to about 5% and I am having warnings poping up on my pc all the time... I dont think I have a lot of programs installed on my pc... I am looking for a program (preferably free) that gets rid of all the crapy unwanted programs on your hard drive, and makes my pc run quicker and more efficently, I find it is getting slower each time I use it and have a lot of crashes... i run CCleaner, Spybot search and distroy and CA regulary and they dont seem to find much fault with my pc... cheers mate Micheal
  4. Hi Guys, I was wondering if I can seek your help... My computers memory, is just about full, I don't have a lot of programs installed and I guess it is from programes and information I have downloaded and deleted in the past, doesn't your computer keep all this in file? I am not a computer wiz, and was wondering if there is a program (perferably free) that can delete all the unwanted memory and get my computer working at optimal efficentcy... I have found that my computer is getting slower and slower by the day.... I looked at this program Click here but it got some really bad reviews and I am affraid to use it, as I dont know what will happen... I am using windows XP and an Asus Laptop, if that helps any I hope you can help Cheers Micheal
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