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  1. December Desktops (Compulsory)

    Yep, and will try for the rotund, slightly vacant appearance. Many say I have that mastered already. Actually I want to switch to Linux but am too lazy but will summon the resolve soon, I think.
  2. Malicious file found in CCleaner v5.38

    FYI for Aqua2, just this morning i installed CCleaner free ver 538, no malware. Just an offer to install google toolbar, in big letters. No offer for Avast as I already use it.
  3. where's the portable version?

    I stand corrected. Didn't remember for sure if one or both were delayed. Fwiw, I agree it's a bad move.
  4. where's the portable version?

    You have the link right. The portable and the slim versions usually come along a few days after the installer version. Afaik they will be available soon. edit: see also here: (link removed)
  5. December Desktops (Compulsory)

    New one for me. Shape of things to come, I think.
  6. December Desktops (Compulsory)

    For now . . .
  7. Couldn't get the avatar picker site to work correctly, but putting a border around the original picture worked. Thanks.
  8. Got my new one. Woo hoo. Edit: Not easy to get the little sucker to fit in the circle, eh?
  9. New forum look.

    Also, there is now a delete option for attachments.
  10. November Desktops

    They certainly are! Woo hoo! Doesn't take much to get me excited these days.
  11. November Desktops

    I contacted Admin about those 2 undeletable attachments yesterday. This morning when I logged in there was a little trash can sitting out beside them. I clicked it and BINGO they were gone. Now says I have used 303.75 kB of my 1.95 MB attachment limit, or 15 percent. Still no tick boxes to delete the other 2 pictures, but maybe that will come. Don't need them deleted, just hoping to eventually have an easy option to do it. Pretty quick response, especially considering that there must be tons of software issues being ironed out. Thanks to the admin folks.
  12. New forum look.

    Thanks very much, Hazelnut.
  13. New forum look.

    I really think it would be good to put those tick boxes back to delete attachments. Also the post numbers.
  14. As we drift inexorably into etymological ruminations, please consider that these explications must evolve if they are to stay relevant. "When I use a word,' Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, 'it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less."
  15. November Desktops

    I really think it would be good to put those tick boxes back to delete attachments. Also the post numbers.