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  1. CC Cleaner not removing files

    Thanks for posting required, I'll give the devs a nudge to this topic again.
  2. The "Birthday" place.

    Cheers big man. @HavOc My first twinge of being older than I felt was when a youth asked "have you got a light mister?" Mister?? What's wrong with mate, pal, squire, friend? And that was a long time ago.
  3. The "Birthday" place.

    Cheers mate, appreciated. Spare set of blades as well. I'll probably need them as I can't be beaten by an 8 year old and a 4 year old. Can I?
  4. The "Birthday" place.

    Thanks all. I had a great day and did one forward flip with the drone thingy. I can also fly it straight under the couch, the TV cabinet, my hi-fi cabinet and the ottoman. That takes a special kind of skill.
  5. The "Birthday" place.

    Where are the balloons and candles guys? It's my birthday today. On second thoughts, forget the candles, balloons will be fine, and maybe a bit cake. And maybe a drink or three. Would you believe my grandkids bought me one of those really small drones. At 8 and 4 they can each fly their's around the house doing flips and somersaults. The drones, not the grandkids. I've got to beat them before I see them next. So far I can fly it into the loft. Through the hole I put in the ceiling.
  6. CC Cleaner not removing files

    Thanks for posting that info pelican, and welcome to the forum. I notice from the screenies that we have two slightly different versions of IOS in the topic. I've pointed the devs here, but can't promise that they'll reply. You never know.
  7. CC Cleaner not removing files

    Can you guys tell me which version of IOS you're running and I'll point the Piriform devs to your posts. They'll need at least that information to formulate any kind of reply. Thanks.
  8. CC Cleaner not removing files

    Hi jmjenson and welcome to the forum. Not many Mac users on here I'm afraid, but as you have CCleaner Pro you are entitled to direct support from the Piriform development team ... https://piriform.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new Other than that, one of the guys may have come across your issue before and that being the case I'm sure they'll contribute to your post. I removed your direct download link by the way, and replaced it with an image, as we're not keen on that type of link for security reasons. Nothing personal. I've also moved your topic to the "CCleaner for Mac" section.
  9. January Desktops:

    Yea, too much fibre.
  10. January Desktops:

    Need to lose a few lbs after the festivities. May be eating more of this ...
  11. January Desktops:

    Hope you all have a good one.
  12. Merry Christmas to everyone

    Happy New Year all. Have a good one.
  13. "Unable to determine file system type"

    Hi Reichert, and welcome to the forum. Have a look here, it may help. https://forum.piriform.com/topic/49273-failed-to-verify-the-following-device/?do=findComment&comment=289365 No magic bullet for recovery sadly, but good luck with what you try.
  14. Merry Christmas to everyone

    Hey K, nice to see you back again. Don't be a stranger.
  15. Here's a straw to have a clutch at mta ... How on earth in that screen shot do you get "Cookies" and "Monitoring" to be highlighted at the same time? I wouldn't have thought that possible because no matter what combination of keys I press (shift, alt, ctrl for example), I cannot get two sections highlighted together at the same time. They can both be highlighted momentarily while changing from one to the other, but the program seems to freeze for that slight moment. Just a long shot, but if no one else can do that, then something could be amiss and interfering with CCleaners normal functioning. If it's only me that can't do that, then disregard everything I've just said.