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  1. More Tracking and Data Gathering?

    I'll make an exception to my self imposed unwillingness to be involved with the current Piriform/Avast iteration of a once great product to say "well said"! And don't apologise, the apologies should be coming your way and the way of the ever dwindling user base.
  2. All links checked and dead links removed.
  3. The "Birthday" place.

  4. The "Birthday" place.

    Lucius Septimius Severus Augustus: Happy birthday Lucius. 1,872 years young today. At least he would have been if he'd still been around, when I'm sure he would have appreciated a mention in our birthday topic.
  5. Hi there. First, I'll apologise for the late reply. My excuse being I don't frequent the forum as much as I used to and only recently noticed your post, and with any luck you may return to it. First, let me sympathise with your recent disaster and say quite plainly that in my humble opinion the blame for the loss of your valuable Whatsapp images, video and audio, should be placed quite firmly on the desk of whoever decided to have CCleaner for Android pick up these valuable files as something to be considered for deletion. Of course, just my opinion. When I first installed this latest version I had to look hard to work out what exactly CCleaner was flagging from Whatsapp. Are these items unnecessary thumbnails, or some sort of hidden cache? Because lets face it, CCleaner as a tool has always been used, from the time of it's inception, to remove crap from ones computer, and now from ones smartphone or tablet. For that reason, I can understand why you believed it to be the safe program it's always been, and went ahead and deleted what you no doubt believed to be unnecessary files. In other words "crap" to be removed by Crap Cleaner. And I'll wager you're not the only one to trust CCleaner to do what it's always done. What stopped me was simply the size of the files being flagged. Hundreds of mb just didn't ring true. A less experienced user may not have stopped to ponder what's going on here. However, my strong feelings about this don't help you get your files back. My first question is do you have Google Photos and/or Google Drive activated to back up your photos and videos? That's the obvious solution, and I'll leave it at that and wait see if you return to your topic. I will add, that I've removed this version of CCleaner from my phone and sideways installed an older version. For whatever reason, the developers have removed almost all settings from this latest version, and there isn't even an option to exclude things like your Whatsapp files. They aren't checked by default, and they shouldn't even be flagged, but they appear every time you carry out a scan. I find this sad, because this latest version looks extremely professional and polished, but the dramatic changes to it's functionality are heading down a road I'm not prepared to take.
  6. CC Cleaner not removing files

    Thanks for posting required, I'll give the devs a nudge to this topic again.
  7. The "Birthday" place.

    Cheers big man. @HavOc My first twinge of being older than I felt was when a youth asked "have you got a light mister?" Mister?? What's wrong with mate, pal, squire, friend? And that was a long time ago.
  8. The "Birthday" place.

    Cheers mate, appreciated. Spare set of blades as well. I'll probably need them as I can't be beaten by an 8 year old and a 4 year old. Can I?
  9. The "Birthday" place.

    Thanks all. I had a great day and did one forward flip with the drone thingy. I can also fly it straight under the couch, the TV cabinet, my hi-fi cabinet and the ottoman. That takes a special kind of skill.
  10. The "Birthday" place.

    Where are the balloons and candles guys? It's my birthday today. On second thoughts, forget the candles, balloons will be fine, and maybe a bit cake. And maybe a drink or three. Would you believe my grandkids bought me one of those really small drones. At 8 and 4 they can each fly their's around the house doing flips and somersaults. The drones, not the grandkids. I've got to beat them before I see them next. So far I can fly it into the loft. Through the hole I put in the ceiling.
  11. CC Cleaner not removing files

    Thanks for posting that info pelican, and welcome to the forum. I notice from the screenies that we have two slightly different versions of IOS in the topic. I've pointed the devs here, but can't promise that they'll reply. You never know.
  12. CC Cleaner not removing files

    Can you guys tell me which version of IOS you're running and I'll point the Piriform devs to your posts. They'll need at least that information to formulate any kind of reply. Thanks.
  13. CC Cleaner not removing files

    Hi jmjenson and welcome to the forum. Not many Mac users on here I'm afraid, but as you have CCleaner Pro you are entitled to direct support from the Piriform development team ... https://piriform.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new Other than that, one of the guys may have come across your issue before and that being the case I'm sure they'll contribute to your post. I removed your direct download link by the way, and replaced it with an image, as we're not keen on that type of link for security reasons. Nothing personal. I've also moved your topic to the "CCleaner for Mac" section.
  14. January Desktops:

    Yea, too much fibre.
  15. January Desktops:

    Need to lose a few lbs after the festivities. May be eating more of this ...