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  1. I am also experiencing this same Office 365 corruption - has happened 3 times on 2 PC' s now. The only solution is an online repair (reinstall) of Office 365. I have just posted separate post on my issue . Like others I am not prepared to use CCleaner again until this is resolved.
  2. I have been using CCleaner Free for many years now and am currently using version 5.63.7540 (64 bit) I have now had three occurrences on 2 different PC's where running Custom Clean and then Registry Clean has corrupted my Office 365 installation stopping it from starting up. The error message is about a corrupted dll file. In order to fix the problem I have had to do an online repair on Office 365 to reinstall it. In teh settings I do not have any Office versions included in the Clean, only MS OneDrive. Doing an Analyse run does not show any office related files for deletion. I am not sure if this is caused by the Custom Clean or the Registry Clean and am reluctant to try again because of the time spent to repair my Office installation. Is this a known issue and is there a fix?
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