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  1. Well this becomes a bit complicated to me. To try and see with another computer, I installed it on my old HP Pavilion laptop (2009) with Windows 8.1. The update of CCleaner did not propose me to install the browser. I looked for it manually and downloaded it from cdn-download-ccleanerbrowser.com and installed it. The optional installation window did not show like the first one I received before on my desktop ; and after refusing the import of data from Firefox, the result is here correct. Attached the txt file with reports from both my desktop (which has a m.b. from Asus dated... 2006 and working perfectly also with Win 8.1) and my laptop. I stop here my participation in your quality cirle, as I think that a software must be at my service, and not the contrary. Thank you for your understanding. Regards, Oliver CCleanerbrowser reports.txt
  2. it's the CCleaner (free version) last update that proposed me to install the browser. I downloaded from CCleaner (and not Filehippo) and installed it with attention, refusing the options of import, I always do that with software I do not know yet. In fact it reacted just as if I did not uncheck the boxes...
  3. Hello, I just installed CCleaner browser. I declined on purpose the import of any data from my other browsers, to keep it clean and "virgin". And though, CCleaner browser disobeyed and went and picked up my favorites in Firefox. Would it prove that this browser (like the others) do not deserve any trust ? Why this breache in confidentiality ? Regards Oliver
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