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  1. You are right, I tried writing down each type, one by one and I encountered that the problem was with ~*.* when was present in the list. But ~*.* isn´t the same of *.*. Maybe CCleaner doesn´t allow all that contains *.*, no matter where it is located inside of the file type.
  2. Hello, In Options, Include, I try to include the following after I click Add button : Include/Drive or Folder: C\: Fyle Tipes/File Types: *.diz;*.old;*.nch;*.wbk;*log.txt;~*.*;*.log;*.prv;*.sik;*.bak;*.ilk;*.aps;*.ncb;*.pch;*.$db;*.db$;*.^;*._dd;*._detmp;log*.txt;*.log? Options: any of the 3 options And the following warning or error appear: For system safety reasons you cannot select this specific location What is the cause of this? Are there any of that file type not allowed? If yes, which of them? Thanks
  3. In my case, I was using the trial without problems with the Software Updater, but today I bought the license, insert the data to register and I saw this issue.
  4. Hello, I have the same issue (CCleaner Professional latest version). When I click Software Updater: "Failed to get installed software from definitions (3)" error. (Windows Home 64-bit latest version 1903).
  5. Advanced Cleaner

    Hello It would be great if CCleaner can contain a module such as an Advanced Cleaner to delete certain file types. Today, for CCleaner, the user have to write all file extensions to delete and may not be the optimal situation for this kind of cleaning. Threre are nothing to select by recommendation. The idea is to have a kind of Advanced Cleaner such as what we can find in Wise Disk Cleaner. The user can quikly select the file extension to delete, has several modes to select (Recommended, All, None), among other setting features. Thanks