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  1. Excuse me I gave a solution I found that worked for me that is relevant to today. I do not need lesson on English from you. What is your problem? I thought I may have helped anyone with this problem. I simply said "in Ccleaner go to tools and start Drive Wiper". As regards to your rudeness , I shall be uninstalling this website thank you
  2. Recover lost space.after defragging. See Pharlap
  3. I had the problem of losing 8 GB of space after using defragger. Searched many"expert" sites for a remedy none had an answer. I came to the conclusion they all had read the same book.I found the solution for myself and gained even more space than before This solution will shock you in a nice way I hope. Its quite simple. Open CCleaner , run Analyze and clean then go to tools and select Disc wipe, this will wipe free space and should return the missing GBs. In my case I RECOVERED 11GBs and a considerably faster machine. Hope this works for you.
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