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  1. 1. Windows 10 2. Defraggler free downloaded from CCleaner.com 3. It started off at 10% fragmentation, I noticed that C drive is missing from the system defragmenter while it's running. I Stopped the defrag when it was down to 1% fragmentation (reckoning it's good enough and wanting to see if that brings C back into the list on the system defragmenter) but C remains missing there. I've tried rebooting and also clicking into defragment from C drive's context menu. 4. Yes, I can still use defraggler on C Thank you in advance
  2. No, I explicitly did not tick that option when installing. I can launch the default windows defragmenter just fine--it just doesn't show the C: drive as an option.
  3. Hmm... any idea why this may be happening? C drive is my system drive, is a spinning rust drive, etc.
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