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  1. Speccy will not close to tray

    This must be an issue that Piriform knows about but will not address - a sure sign of a failing business enterprise. I experience the same problem. I configured Speccy to auto-start - it doesn't. I have to manually start it and then - as do you - manually minimize it to the tray area. Not what you or I paid for - I'll buy no more software from Piriform. I posted my complaint in May...still no response. This is a sign of a failing business.
  2. Speccy Startup Fails

    Can I assume from the lack of replies that I'm the only user experiencing this problem?
  3. Speccy Startup Fails

    Speccy fails to start from registry during startup. I can't get it to start from the registry- standard startup command location - no matter what I do. I've tried nearly everything. I've installed and uninstalled twice with no change. The command syntax in the registry for startup works just fine when I punch it into the windows command bar - "C:\Program Files\Speccy\Speccy64.exe" /totray , but the registry start fails each and every time. I suspect there's a permissions and/or UAC issue(s). I'm a registered Speccy Pro and CCleaner owner. This has got to have a solution. I really want this app to perform as advertised. Has anyone got any suggestions or similar experiences?