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  1. Have a 500 MB drive that has physical problems. Computer will recognize it intermittently, then not. I've been able to get a full "deep scan" done, and even "mark" all files for recovery. Then the computer "looses" the drive. I can get the drive to reconnect by disconnecting the power and maybe even give it a slight "rap" on the desk surface. Then hit the recover button. I have yet to see if this scenario will REALLY work. What would be nice is to save the results of the deep scan in such a way that Recuva could be restarted to (using a saved search results file) complete the actual file recovery phase. I haven't checked, but is this something that might be do-able with the paid version; or possibly even with the free version. Recuva is a fantastic product. I figure the only one of it's kind out there and the only one that will recovery many files when the directory structure is completely trashed.
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