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  1. unable to download and save files.

    I have not used, iolo System Mechanic Premium. When I did not get any help from Piriform CCleaner, I turned to a utility software. I wasn't going to use it. It was going to be my last resort. But, now I'm thinking I need a Registry fix program. I'm going to return that utility software.
  2. unable to download and save files.

    I am not sure if I answered yes or no when I think back. maybe I thought there was no reason to keep it. I looked around my hard drive for anything with a .REG extension. See my attachment. The most recent is dated 4-12-2018. Could one of those files correct my registry?. Also, I purchased iolo System Mechanic Premium. Could this correct the problem?.
  3. unable to download and save files.

    Does anyone know if there is someone I can speak with at Piriform CCleaner? I tried looking for a Registry Backup File on my computer, but could not find one. I know the problem that I am having was caused by the Registry Cleaner that I ran. I have to wait until I hear from someone at CCleaner before I can use a registry fix program or before I can take my computer in to be repaired. if I don't hear from someone that's okay as long as its fixed. Thanks for help. John
  4. unable to download and save files.

    I'm running windows 10. I've tried downloading several programs and mp3's. I have AVAST installed but I disable it to rule it out. What does AV/AM stand for? I also took my computer in to BESTBUY. They think it is the registry. My browser is MS EDGE. See the attachments.
  5. A few days ago I ran CCleaner registry cleaner. Now I can't download and save files from the internet. I get a message of: "___ contained a virus and was deleted." please help!