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  1. In the past 24 hours, I've had to clear your damn "Last Chance" spam-pop-up probably 15 or 20 times. Every time, it covers almost 1/4 of the page, and rudely interrupts whatever I am doing or reading, to again remind me it's my "last chance", which will apparently last for the rest of the year. Being spam-popped 25 times a day WILL NOT CHANGE THE FACT THAT I HAVE NO PERSONAL NEED OR USE FOR THE PRODUCT!! I have downloaded an absolute bare minimum of ANY type of software; I do now and will continue to have absolutely NO need or use for ANY type of "software updater". No matter HOW MANY TIMES I AM SPAMMED BY YOUR STUPID-ASS POP-UP, THIS WILL NEVER CHANGE!! All you are doing, is creating ill will by spam-popping me 25 times a day. It might be nice if someone at Piriform had the f***ing BRAINS to understand that!!
  2. Yes, I am aware CCleaner now has a "software updater". No, I have no practical use for it; I do not download software. Yes, I am basically cheap, and do not look for ways to spend money. So STOP sending ten pop-ups each day announcing your new"Software Updater"!! I AM AWARE OF IT ALREADY, OK???? Getting SPAMMED by the same damn pop-up WILL NOT CONVINCE ME TO BUY SOMETHING I DO NOT NEED!! Also FYI, it took four attempts and ten minutes to get past your damned "I'm Not a Robot/reCAPTCHA" piece of steaming s**t, in order to create this "account". Just as if anyone cares....