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  1. I have the professional version of Ccleaner. When i started up CCleaner, at the botton right in an orange box, it states "upgrade to Pro". I have the professional version, and at the top menu it states that this is the professional version. I just thought that maybe i need to renew, as I lost track of when i last renewed. I clicked the orange upgrade to pro box, went through the steps, purchased the professional edition. When i relaunched Ccleaner, it still has that orange box at the bottom asking me to upgrade to the professional version. At the top menu, it states that i have the profession version though. I'm totally confused. Thanks in advance, Edward
  2. Rather than give you an obscure error code, perhaps it would be better to just give a message saying the it was unable to get update information on a certain program, providing the use with the name of this program. I suggest that for future versions, the software updater should be placed last in the selection list, not first. Because it is placed as the first choice, it is always selected by default, forcing an annoying delay, and the usual error codes and program crashes. That small change will solve the problem as far as i'm concerned, because i never need to click on it. Awful software in its current form.
  3. Hi Ben, So, in other words, Ccleaner will not work at all if your server is having issues? Previous versions of Ccleaner worked fine when my computer was not connected to the internet. Now, Ccleaner works only if connected? But, if you servers are not working, then the program will crash. Great design. You need to let users opt out of this "updater" nightmare, at the very least. The program has completely lost its functionality.
  4. Thanks, but the previous professional version, which is 5.54.7088, is not available anywhere for download. Only free versions of previous editions of ccleaner are available for download. So, i'm basically stuck with this new disfunctional version. Is it possible that Ccleaner can make the previous professional version available for download? If I download this previous version, do i need to completely delete the new version from my PC first? Or will it automatically overwrite the new version, and save all my settings ( cookies, included, excluded, etc.). Thanks, Edward
  5. I stronly advise anyone to absolutely not upgrade to ccleaner version 7108. The prior version was really wonderful. This new version is really terrible. When you click on "tools" on the left side menu, the computer takes about 15 minutes in the "software updater" to check and see if all the programs on your computer are updated. This is mandatory, there is no way to opt out of this. If you try to click anything, while this updating search process is ongoing, such as clicking on "uninstall", it will crash the program. You have to click on the task manager in Windows 7, and "end task" the ccleaner program. So basically, every time I use the program, it will check for program updates, which i have no interest in whatsoever, and waste 15 minutes of my time. Then, to top off this mess, sometimes the updater comes back with an error message that it could not properly connect. Really poor design decision. Is there any way that I can go back to the older version? or am i screwed? This is now the worse designed software on my computer, by far.
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