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  1. CC Cleaner not removing files

    I would like to go back to the previous version & delete this new one. I think I will find another cleaner
  2. CC Cleaner not removing files

    I have this problem also. Just started in the last few days. It launches searches for files finds them all good up to this point. Click on clean and it starts to work but never leaves 0%. Just set there. Then I noticed after messing around with it that it would run up to 69% then hangup again. clicked on the open window and up-poped the {password needed) poo-paw. Then it rans again stoped (password-Needed) then completed but files not erased ... I,m wondering if the new version 1.15.507 is not my problem. wish I could go back to the previous version.. I'm running imac 8.1 OSX 10:11:6 (2008)