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  1. Where are the advanced features

    Unfortunately, with the frequency with which updates are pushed with this program, I have no way of knowing which version had this option. I was hoping someone here would be able to help.
  2. Where are the advanced features

    What happened to being able to select the advanced mode for start up? About three versions back it was available. Now it's not?
  3. Where are the advanced features

    It doesn't show any advanced features to allow me to see ALL the startup items.
  4. I have the current version (5.55.7108) but notice that the advanced view is no longer available when using the Tools to determine which programs you want to enable at start up. There are only about 20 entries, which I presume are the most common programs. But we all know there are more than that loading at start up. Why am I not able to see them? They were available in an Advanced view a few versions ago. Thanks