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  1. Thank you for your help tho. Much appreciated.
  2. This drive had no system installed on it. Just a separate storage drive.
  3. I did have the non deletet files and it found 5.
  4. .... when I canceled, I went to advanced mode settings and turned off deep scan and then the drive was just identified with no scan... much faster . But it actually did not find anything. I guess restarting a deep scan it is then...
  5. This is where the scan has been stuck for some time now
  6. Well, it was just a 12tb that I stored my steam library and other games. Destiny 2 is 90gb... so it's easier than you think to fill up a 12TB with personal stuff like a 4tb movie library and family photos and videos in 4k. But yes I am pretty sure I picked deep scan. I knew it would take quite a while, but my main concern was if the standby/lock would impede my progress that I have run for about 2 days or should I start over? If it takes a week to complete I might as well restart unless I can determine that my progress has been maintained.
  7. I ran Recuva on a 12TB HDD that I accidentally formatted. After about 12 hours it notified me that it has found many files. I locked the user and left, but I think my computer went to sleep. Now the Recuva process appears to be stuck at 50%. Should I start over? I have not turned off my PC besides the standby mode yet.
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