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  1. No progress after 3 days

    How does it go if you start with a regular scan first?
  2. Avast CEO paid peanuts

    I used to have a team in Madrid who were extremely hard workers. But yeah, Brits in Spain would probably think they were on holiday. So Holborn it shall remain. Instead of outdoor dining on the Costa del Sol we have the outdoor seating at Costa Coffee downstairs - but we'll get more done.
  3. email link?

    Thank @Marc Hlaktoong. Glad you are enjoying the features so far - keep an eye on the forums here since there are plenty more to come. Are you trying to send a link to a friend to download CCleaner Browser? If so the download link and more information about CCleaner Browser (including links to the documentation and help files) can be found here: https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/browser. (Note that while some users have had it offered to them when they install CCleaner itself, this is not a guaranteed way of being able to get it - while the browser is in preview it is only being presented to a minority of users.) Or is this a question about some sort of native email integration?
  4. Adding my own extensions to CCleaner Browser?

    Fair call re creating a separate help section. This has just been created, and your query moved there :-) Since CCleaner Browser is member of the Chromium codebase family, if you go here https://chrome.google.com/webstore/category/extensions in the CCleaner browser you should be able to add in all of your usual extensions. Being built with privacy in mind, CCleaner Browser will pop and and advise you exactly what potentially private information the extension will be able to access - for extensions and publishers that you know and trust, this should probably not be a cause for undue alarm.
  5. "Yes, thanks, I contacted Dr.Web and they fixed this mistake, the problem is solved!"
  6. Speccy - No updates since May 2018

    @Robbie: Coming - yes. Imminent - no. Defraggler, Speccy, Recuva and CCleaner for Mac were all due for an update. CCleaner Mac got one a month ago and is due another later this year for Catalina compatibility. The increasing user base for Speccy was overloading the server, so that got a refresh earlier this month. To confirm, updates to the client software for Defraggler, Speccy and Recuva are certainly planned. No committed dates at this point in time, but we're aiming for later this year.
  7. Avast CEO paid peanuts

    Welcome back! We are pretty much all in the London office (this shiny glass thing here) - except for a few folks in North America. Disappointingly, my suggestion that we should open up an office on the Costa Del Sol have so far been ignored.
  8. Question about CCleaner Professional Plus

    In addition to the guidance from nukecad, above, note that the subscription cancellation would not be via PayPal, but my managing your subscription. More information here in the handy FAQ section of the website: https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/360020931831-How-do-I-manage-my-CCleaner-subscription-
  9. "I downloaded this build and the antivirus again deleted it! I wrote to the anti-virus support service, we will wait that they will answer me!" It looks like the false-positive for Dr Web has been fixed - at least according to the VirusTotal website. Are you still experiencing problems? Похоже, что ложное срабатывание Dr Web было исправлено - по крайней мере, согласно веб-сайту VirusTotal. Вы все еще испытываете проблемы?
  10. Threads merged. Note that Free and Pro do the same core cleaning - the difference is the unlocking of various additional features - and so would produce the same result. @Manny1951 check the thread above - particularly with regards to if it is just the shortcuts that have been removed after a clean. If that's not it, see my instructions how how to get a dump of everything that CCleaner proposes to clean in its analysis and DM it to me and I can get the devs to check what might be going on.
  11. possible bug in confidentiality

    @Oliver Swiss: If you still have the browser installed, can I trouble you to go to the menu Help and About CCleaner Browser > About CCleaner Browser > Diagnostic Information and send me the full dump of information in there as a private message please to forward to the devs? Thanks in advance for your assistance.
  12. Windows 10 1903

    Update for uptake rate as of the end of June - 6.3%. Full report from AdDuplex here: https://reports.adduplex.com/#/r/2019-06
  13. For 3 windows PCs at this point in time (not Mac or Android yet).
  14. Auto Extension: Enabled

    @El Machito: You have paid for a year of service, and a year of service you shall receive. If you cancel your subscription now your licence expiry date does not change and you can continue to use the product as normal (so long as you are only cancelling the subscription and not clicking on anything that says "refund"). But you will get some pokes from us close to your expiry date reminding you to renew manually. If you remain on automatic, we don't pester you with reminders - although you may get something from us if we have a better deal going for you at the time. If you don't cancel, you will receive an email from Cleverbridge (our online store) 30 days before you expire reminding you that you will be billed - and with information on how to cancel the renewal rebilling if you wish. First billing attempt would be 15 days before expiry - so if you do want to stop automatic extension you'd want to get in before that.
  15. possible bug in confidentiality

    Haven't seen this scenario before. Was this a browser install from the website or via the CCleaner installer?
  16. Similar example - I want my jpeg files to always open in Photoshop, but MS Photos has the file association for some reason. There are a couple of ways to do it. My usual is to right-click on the file, select "Open With" then "Choose Another App". If your app is not on the list then click "More Apps" to find it. Make sure to check the "Always use the app to open" box. Click OK and you're done! (With no need to uninstall whatever software had the association) Additional reading for interested parties from the Adobe forums about other browsers doing the same kind of thing: https://forums.adobe.com/thread/2275519. Since our objective is to produce a browser that is better than other browsers, this has been a good feedback thread - thanks everyone.
  17. Include Edge browser

    Should be right up the top of the list if you have Edge installed. Are you using the current Edge, or the beta Chromium Edge?
  18. product update pop up ads

    As per my response re the "please buy" message for free users above, we don't want to overmessage users. As you say, if someone has said "not now" to a renewal reminder then "are we there yet"ing them like a small child on a road trip is not going get anyone there any faster. The exact schedule varies - right around the expiry date you might get 2 or 3 pokes in a week, or if there is a limited-time hot offer on for new users that we want to make sure existing customers can get a piece of too. But if you're still a few weeks out then should only be once a week or fortnight. Nothing is set to show several times a week (let alone several times a day) so please be assured that this is unintended behaviour. Where users are experiencing this, it has been generally due to: Using an old CCleaner version. There was an issue for some users with overdisplay of messages that was fixed in version 5.54. Users blocking the setting of the "I've already seen this so no need to show it to me again" flag. Users who reboot their PCs multiple times per day. Are you on CCleaner 5.54 or above? If not, please see if an update solves your problem. If you are on CC5.54 or higher can you check Options > Cookies and either screenshot or right-click and Export the "Cookies to Keep" collection please?
  19. You are certainly welcome to stick around. And more than welcome to post complaints and feedback (especially with details and screenshots). That's how we improve, particularly with new products. And don't worry about being less technical - our products should be tools for both technical and non-technical users to do what they need to do ... and if they're not, then letting us know gives us more opportunities for improvement. :-)
  20. For non-Acrobat users, PDF files would be associated with a browser - and it would be standard behaviour for a browser to open browser files that a user wants to open in a browser. But where there is an association with a desktop app - that's indeed a bug. (It is not uncommon for other browsers, apps, Windows, etc to put associations where users may not want them - something something feature ... but nah - it's a bug in all the apps that do it) Dev team is on the case and currently working on a solution that still works for the typical user (who will always want to read PDFs in a browser) while not creating annoyances for folks who have them associated with their preferred desktop app.
  21. New update

    5.39 or 5.59? I had something similar happen to me going from 5.59 -> 5.60. But then I did it again and it worked the second time. Looking at the statistics, it seems like we may have some sort of caching issue in the first 24-48 hours after launch on the CDN that is serving up the one-click updates for Pro users.
  22. Cannot install CCleaner 5.60

    Have heard some reports of Windows cheerfully setting this after updates. This blocks the installation of pretty much everything unless you change it back to "Allow from anywhere" or, if you are feeling more cautious "Warn me before installing apps"
  23. "Yes, I was wrong, version 5.60, quite right, merci! Thank you, I downloaded the link and checked it with an antivirus, it deleted it again!" The second time was it the full build or the slim build? (The third download on the builds page - https://download.ccleaner.com/slim/ccsetup560_slim.exe)
  24. Actually Dr Web did false-positive the CCleaner 5.59 installer for a couple of days. They also had a problem for a few days back in December of last year as well. Each time our customers using Dr Web report the false positive, and we report the false positive and Dr Web's response time to fix it seems to be pretty good.
  25. I can confirm that this is a false positive and no other antivirus engines are detecting any problems. Dr Web sometimes has a problem with new versions. They usually fix things after a couple of days. (I assume you mean the latest version 5.60 and not 5.70 - which does not exist). If you do not want to wait for Dr Web to fix their problem you can try the "Slim Build" from https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/builds Я могу подтвердить, что это ложный положительный результат, и никакие другие антивирусные движки не обнаруживают никаких проблем. У доктора Веба иногда возникают проблемы с новыми версиями. Они обычно исправляют вещи через пару дней. (Я полагаю, вы имеете в виду последнюю версию 5.60, а не 5.70 - которой не существует). Если вы не хотите ждать, пока Dr Web решит их проблему, вы можете попробовать «Slim Build» по адресу https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/builds.