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  1. If you can't find the serial key that you purchased then please contact CCleaner/Piriform support. Don't try to bootleg a key instead. It probably won't end well.
  2. Have you tried using CCleaner itself to uninstall CCleaner (under Tools > Uninstall in the CCleaner console)?
  3. I've let the team know that there seems to be something wrong with the link. If you can, are you able to post a screenshot of the message and/or the URL of the page that it attempts to take you to? In the meantime, this is the current sale - a special offer on 2 years of the CCleaner Professional Plus Bundle, which covers 3 PCs and also includes the Pro versions of Defraggler, Recuva and Speccy https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/cashback
  4. Filehippo is being used as our archive of all older versions for anyone who wanted them - particularly for users on pre-XP Windows operating systems which are incompatible with the later versions. Looks like there are a few glitches with the FileHippo site at the moment, and we have let them know that it needs fixing. If they can't manage to sort this out then we may just switch to serving up our own. In the meantime you should be able to pull out old versions as @Andavari says by editing the download URL - eg: https://download.ccleaner.com/ccsetup554.exe and changing the digits to your version of choice. Although, as @nukecad also pointed out (and as I assumed was the issue at hand on first reading) with automatic updates switched on you will find yourself back on the latest version again in pretty short order.
  5. There is a known issue with the cashback redemption site for Australia at the moment. This will be remedied (our cashback service provider is being hit with a stick as we speak) and all Australian customers who purchased under the cashback promotion will be given a mechanism to claim the $20 cashback that they are due. As Stephen mentioned, anyone experiencing this problem should contact our support team on https://support.piriform.com/hc/requests/new or support@ccleaner.com and they will make sure that you are taken care of. Apologies again to you and all of our valued Australian customers.
  6. To confirm - where is it stopping for you? On download, installation or when running a scan?
  7. I think the information that you are after can be found under Options > About > License Information.
  8. There are a couple of points to cover here which may impact the posters above, and other people reading this thread: On the matter that triggered this email thread, there was a brief outage with the licence server earlier today which may have resulted in some weirdness, but that has now been resolved as @wizlon mentioned. We have already started work on completely replacing our back-end licensing systems, but in the meantime corrective action is being taken to improve performance and stability. However, we so also sometimes have customers asking us why they are getting messages that they have expired or are still on the free version of CCleaner when they have recently purchased. If this is happening to you be sure to check Options > About in the CCleaner console and check that you have entered the serial key that you purchased if you are getting messages saying that you are on the free product. if you are getting messages saying that you have expired (or will expire) sooner than expected it may be that when you purchased you were issued with a new serial key with a new expiry date that you need to enter. As a side note, if you renew early then you should not lose any time off your licence - if you expire in December 2019 and renew in October 2019 then your licence will run until December 2020. If when you renew you also upgrade from CCleaner, Defraggler, Speccy or Recuva to the all-in-one CCleaner Pro Plus bundle then this may not be automatic - please allow up to 14 days for your extra time to be credited to your new licence serial key. If after 14 days you are still not seeing what you should with your expiry date then please poke the custmer support team at support@ccleaner.com and they'll cheerfully sort it out for you.
  9. If this was 2013 then neither product was for a year. For consumers all products were sold by version - and you can keep using the version that you bought at the time for as long as you want. When you bought Defraggler, as your screenshot shows, it explicitly said in the product description that it also came with an additional "1 year of software updates and support". When you bought CCleaner it didn't say that. But you got it anyway.
  10. The experts are all in bed at the moment, but given that this did not seem to happen to any of the early announcements or to other forum areas I suspect it was the "Mr G" announcement robot going nuts on reposting for some reason. It has been a little cantankerous of late. @Ben CCleaner is, amongst other things, our resident robot wrangler and he will check to make sure that it hasn't become self-aware and planning to go Skynet on all of us.
  11. You would be getting these notifications because you are set to follow the announcements forum when there are new posts ... and for some reason, every single announcement in there has gone and cloned itself thereby creating a "new" message. Chances are that the emails have already been queued for sending but will see if there is a kill switch somewhere.
  12. Just checking that you did buy from the CCleaner website (and not eBay or somewhere else?) You should have a receipt from Cleverbridge (our ecommerce provider) with your details. If you cannot recover your serial key from here https://www.ccleaner.com/support/license-lookup then email the guys at support@ccleaner.com with the email address you entered when you purchased, your order number and anything else you may have and they can try and track your order for you to get you going.
  13. There have been a few requests for Brave and Waterfox from the forum. Along with Opera GX and Cốc Cốc these are all on the to-do list. The constant flow of changes to the existing pool of web browsers and the Chromium Edge beta keep queue-jumping these though for obvious reasons.
  14. Just by way of additional background, for others who may read this ... CCleaner Professional (aka CCleaner Pro) is just the CCleaner product for one PC. CCleaner Professional Bundle (aka CCleaner Pro Plus) used to be CCleaner + Recuva + Defraggler + Speccy all on one PC, but was changed earlier this year to cover three PCs in the same household* - making it a good choice for people who want the extra products or need the extra PCs covered (or both). For anyone coming up for renewal who has multiple CCleaner Professional licences, we recommend the Professional Bundle since it will be better value for you. Note that CCleaner Mac and CCleaner Mobile are not currently included in the CCleaner Professional Bundle. (* Technically, the rule is that all three PCs need to be in the one household, but if you only have 2 PCs and you let your mum use the third one we really don't care that much. But spankings have been delivered to cheeky individuals who have tried breaking up the bundle and selling the bits individually on eBay - please don't do that.)
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