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  1. Assuming that you downloaded Speccy from www.ccleaner.com you're okay. This is not new. eset has been flagging it for years because of the Chrome toolbar offer that sometimes appears in the installer. We removed that from CCleaner a few months back but it is still in Defraggler, Recuva and Speccy for the time being.
  2. @liltracy10k you can get the downloads from http://www.ccleaner.com/download
  3. You can send an email to support@ccleaner.com or visit https://support.ccleaner.com and click on "Submit a Request" in the top right-hand corner. You do not need to log in - please ignore that button. I took a quick look myself though and noticed that you seem to have bought three separate copies of CCleaner Professional Plus at some point. Since each one covers 3PCs, I am guessing that you don't need all of them. Email support and they'll cancel any surplus ones that you aren't using and either refund you for them or credit the licence time to the one you are using, as you prefer.
  4. If you bought during the 50%-off Black Friday sale last year and paid half price then yes - this sounds about right. The page that you landed on would have shown three product options with strikethrough pricing and "save xx" marked against items that were discounted. If you saw prices higher than you expected, note that the discounts shown would be reductions against full price - not an additional discount on last year's sale price.
  5. After a few weeks of peace the licence server has been experiencing intermittent problems again over the past couple of days. Replacement server has been set up, we're just about ready to cut over and hope to get this sorted out soon before we all go insane.
  6. @Nesledyret, @Bawat: Just as a quick update, we have managed to replicate this script error popup. An update to CCleaner 5.57 or later (ideally the latest, CCleaner 5.63) should eliminate the problem for 99% of users. We are working on the remaining 1% at the moment.
  7. We've got a couple of broken links as a result of moving recently to a new download server. These will all be reestablished shortly.
  8. (We hate those passwords even more than you do)
  9. We are actually in the process of changing the system to streamline support contacts and get rid of the support login altogether since: Most people create a support ticket without logging in, either by raising one through the form at https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/requests/new or just emailing support@ccleaner.com The support account does not have anything useful in there anyway. All it does is create support tickets from people trying to remember or change their password ... so they can raise a support ticket for an actual product matter.
  10. @Michael88: No concerns if you downloaded from CCleaner and not a third party website. Sounds like it might have been this?
  11. Devs already notified and issue replicated on our own Macs. Investigating if the change in hosting server for the updates has caused weird stammering.
  12. Re the We have two sets of updates running at once to 5.63 - possible that they both hit at once and one got queued after the other. We'll investigate to make sure that the update alerts haven't developed a stammer, but in the meantime let us know if it happens more than once.
  13. The advantages of having a "Big Uncle" who is a security company - we're a harder target than we were back in 2017.
  14. For 5.63 we released with a new signing certificate as a precautionary security measure (https://www.ccleaner.com/news/blog/2019/10/21/ccleaner-version-563-preventative-update-as-part-of-our-zero-tolerance-policy-against-cybercrime For users on older versions, "we are confident to say that our CCleaner users are protected and unaffected". That said, as always: We recommend that people use the latest version of our software - or any other software for that matter. As has been mentioned in these pages before, only versions of CCleaner from 5.46 and above are recommended for use on Windows 10. Users impacted by the bug that causes notifications to appear more often than intended are recommended to update to CCleaner 5.54 or higher. While the new "Easy Clean" experience (released in CCleaner 5.57) has been extremely popular with most of our users, those who prefer the old-style of cleaning can still find the interface they are more familiar with under "Custom Clean" and set that to be their default cleaning mode to continue to use CCleaner in the same way as they did with previous versions while still enjoying the latest updates to cleaning rules that come with the newer releases.
  15. In another similar situation a few months ago, some IP address databases showed a user as being in Kazakhstan (which is good) and others in Iran (which is bad). Annoyingly, they all need to be updated to be certain that you won't be red-flagged by various software companies and online shopping sites as being in a "wrong" country - so hopefully your ISP is already taking action on this. A bit more background information can be found here: https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/360017690391-Why-can-t-I-use-CCleaner-in-my-location-
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