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  1. These mangled language strings (for multiple languages) were also in 5.62. The developers have fixed them now - but not in time for the 5.63 release. You'll see them looking as they should for the 5.64 release in a couple of weeks.
  2. The developers are constantly monitoring the forums for bug reports and feature suggestions (which is why you will often see CCleaner folks popping in and asking for additional information on some of the more esoteric bug reports). There were a number of fixes (especially the language ones) that were dev complete a few days ago but that did not make it into production code in time for this release. Most of these should be covered in the next release due out in a couple of weeks.
  3. Dr Web has a tendency to false-positive our new releases for the first 24-72 hours after release. They tend to respond quite promptly though to feedback from us and from their users about corrections though.
  4. We managed to mangle several languages recently. This has all been fixed by the developers, but deployment of the fixes did not make it in time for yesterday's 5.63 release. 5.64 will come with the languages fixed and is intended for release in a couple of weeks.
  5. As a general rule of thumb, if out of ~70 AV engines none of the major ones detect anything and you only get flags from a couple of engines that you have never heard of before, the chances are that you're looking at a false positive. Old version of CCleaner prior to 5.58 were prone to this (detection of the Google Toolbar optional installer, before we got rid of it) but we still get the occasional hit from engines that are prone to autoflag any binaries that are new to them (we release every month) or have behaviour monitoring heuristics that look upon the CCleaner's functions with suspicion.
  6. Have you tried the Uninstall tool within CCleaner to remove it?
  7. @AlecosHave you tried updating your CCleaner?
  8. CCleaner is compatible with the current release of Windows 10 as of CCleaner 5.46 and above. That said, if you are on anything other than the latest version of CCleaner (5.62) you may find that it is not cleaning everything as well as it should, as there have been quite a few cleaning rule updates and additions in the past 16 versions.
  9. @iamaliveCurrently the licence server seems most likely to go on strike around the same time as breakfast in the UK. I just checked on the licence server and you have a key ending with UZPC that expires in October 2020 and seems to have been successfully activated once - if that is the one that you are using then indeed it is most likely that the licence server is the culprit here. We are hoping to swap over to a new server in the next couple of weeks - after which the old server will be thrown into the same dark flaming pit for troublesome hardware as the old speccy server was earlier this year recycled in an environmentally conscious manner.
  10. @18june: Great to have you back. The privacy concerns were in mid-2018 and sorted out shortly thereafter. Fixing this was the right thing to do for our users (since we are both a performance and privacy tool after all) but the right business decision as well - needlessly collecting any personal information from users is just a risk and a liability for any company with users in Europe. With regards to the Chrome offer, that started back in 2010, so is not exactly new. It's not under the installation customisation options but, when offered, is in a banner down the bottom of the installer screen. While a lot of users have trained their fingers to uncheck before "next"ing their way through installers, we know that others miss it and end up with an extra installation they weren't expecting. While the third party offers in the installer help keep CCleaner free for millions of users worldwide we only get paid if user installs and uses the product in question - so unwanted installations that enraged users immediately uninstall are no good for anyone. For this reason we announced back in May that we are changing the way these offers are presented to be more obvious and to prevent this from happening. After a couple of months of low-key testing we've launched a larger scale pilot of an explicit "Accept/Decline" presentation in CCleaner 5.62 which seems to be making people much happier - we'll be rolling this out full scale in the very near future.
  11. Does not seem to be present on the builds page https://www.ccleaner.com/recuva/builds. It was there a week ago. Will check if it was temporarily withdrawn for some reason or if the page has suffered from bitrot (the latter is more likely)
  12. @atttim: Looks like there may be two separate matters here. With regards to your licence I note that you have two separate 1PC CCleaner licences. There is one ending with a key ending with QZPC that expires in March 2020 with subscription switched off and another that ends with WZPC that expires in September 2020 which does have a subscription active. I assume that you are using one licence key on your laptop and the other on your desktop PC? You should see Auto-Extension enabled for one and disabled for the other. With regards to HealthCheck, I take it that this is what you are seeing: Does the Software Updater (under the Tools menu) still work for you at the moment? Would your have set up any firewall rules that might be blocking CCleaner functionality? Specifically the healthcheck.ccleaner.com web service?
  13. Depends which installer experience you are currently getting - the optional offers may display differently. If you have the old one, you would uncheck "Yes, install CCleaner Browser" before installing (or leave it alone if it is already unchecked). If you are getting the pilot of the new installer (in CCleaner 5.62) you would get a separate screen with "Accept" and "Decline" buttons on a separate screen.
  14. Health Check is essentially the next generation of EasyClean, which also incorporates additional CCleaner functions into a single flow. In 5.62 a preview version is going out to a small percentage of users with a full rollout (most likely with some additional tweaks based on user feedback) planned in an upcoming release. Note that the first time you use Health Check there are a few extra screens to click through before cleaning/tuning starts as it runs through an explanation of what it is to first-time users. This one-time introduction should not repeat on subsequent uses and you can go straight to the analyse and clean operations. As with EasyClean, many users are finding this a more convenient way to clean and also like the all-in-one approach to cleaning, improving startup speed and running Software updater, rather than hopping around different parts of the CCleaner console to accomplish all of these. Also as with EasyClean, we expect that some users will want to stick with the familiar way of doing things, so the traditional cleaning (retronymed to "Custom Clean") and other functions will remain available to those who prefer that experience. For version 5.62 the Health Check preview flag is in the registry under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Piriform\CCleaner and HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Piriform\CCleaner as "(Cfg)HealthCheck". "1" is on and "0" is off.
  15. @Songan: Our licence server has been a trifle temperamental of late. Sounds like you may have been a victim of one of its transitory tantrums. We're giving it an upgrade a little later this month which should see it stop it's occasional hoaxing of customers. @AMP: Your serial key didn't come in a retail box bundled with AVG by any chance did it?
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