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  1. Isuue installing version 6067

    Help Help Help
  2. Can't install new Release 5.53.7034

    Nope none of it applies my pro subscription is current This is the 3rd time this exact thing happened. I thought It was supposed to have been fixed after 1st time with subscription 16 digit id updated. I love CCleaner but this is starting to get aggravating. Can't it be resolved by the Tech guys? Thanks Ron
  3. Anyone else having problems updating?

  4. Anyone else having problems updating?

    This third time a new release won't load. It has something to do with the certificate ID It asks me to repurchase and my subscription is current. I thought it was supposed to be fixed. I'm new to the forum but a long time user and believer in CCleaner. I'm non PC technical and need help. Thanks Ron
  5. Hello' I get the message "Could not be updated and Purchase Register Cancel" had this issue with the last release. I've forgotten the solution. It had to do with the product key not updated in the release. Can some one assist me in resolving this issue. Piriform should handle this when it makes a release. I've been a loyal user for close to 10 years and this just started happening with me for the last two releases. Thanks Ron
  6. My subscription is current. When ever I click to install this new version it asks me to purchase Register Cancel. Please advise Thanks