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  1. Yes they can sort out false detections --I have told them of one or two in the past and received very prompt email acknowledgement. I am perfectly satisfied that this was a 'false' detection and have emailed them. I should emphasise Zemana is only promoted as a second line of defense.
  2. No, i tested with virus total first ,then thinking it was ok just installed it. Zemana did not issue any warning--unlike the same procedure with the std download which did trigger zemana without me starting a scan manually. I also run webroot, and this did not object to either installation.
  3. Yes thanks the 'slim' version doesn't trigger either zemana or virus total--so i presume virus free. May i ask what it is that's triggering the problem in the full version? I haven't noticed any toolbars.
  4. Shouldn't you take this a bit more seriously? Have you downloaded the std download--as i did --freeware- and tested it with Virus Total? After all there has been a major problem with ccleaner malware downloading not all that long ago (2017)? The std freeware download does nt offer a 'slim' version and i have never heard of such a thing! Where is it on your downloads page? Regards mark
  5. My original download was from the link generated by ccleaner software to piriform website. Then i repeated it by downloading from FileHippo--both 'infected' on Virus Total. Have just downloaded from your link- also shows 3 companies on VT as 'virus'. Last version number downloaded from FileHippo was clean and i installed it. It did not trigger Zemana unlike the current version. Suggest you download 552 and test on VT.
  6. Latest version ccleaner freeware detected by my Zemana anti virus as virus, and also 3 separate antivirus software manufacturers on Virus Total incl ESET today. Tried downloading again--same result. Last version OK and i re-installed that.