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  1. i have this cc-cleaner pro version, where is other programs update checker, now sometime it says my skype is need of update, but not long i updated skype and two times check, i should have latest version, skype not find me new updates? so does cc-cleaner know there is coming later new update, that skype just not give to me too soon?? or cc-cleaner not work to tell right information about if i should update skype??
  2. manual update not work

    I write same before but seems things got just worse. Although i got promised they fix soon and know. Maybe they know but then .. i dont know. Before i complain, there come notification of available update, although all settings put to manual, so i, paid user with pro-version should be one who have right to check if updates available? Now there was updated program just more and it offers new easy clean type procedure with new graphics etc. It seems this cc-cleaner is working all time background in internet although i have manual update settings. Only solution then would be to use firewall settings to stop this? Do you program developers want that? I recommend put it to cc-cleaner new update, all internet connections are manual to updating program. Although otherwise settings would be like program works in background, like when i close browser, some auto-cleaning then done.
  3. manual update not work 100% windows10 ccl pro

    January - now month 4, at least 5 times cc cleaner new update came, without asking, to middle of screen? i have all time had manual setting to updates, so , well.. i know there promised let me know when fixed, but sounds weird this many new cc -cleaner updates, and still manual settings not fixed? People not want to slow down their internet connection, this is reason why these unwanted web traffic should not happen. I actually prefer manually like to update check most of my programs. This update offer though only comes when i open cc-cleaner program, which better than if it would appear to above all other, like when watch movie or do some work. ..and worse of it all, when i have paid for this program, it should be better than free version. Of course updating is way better in paid version, more slow it would be update in free version.
  4. manual update not work 100% windows10 ccl pro

    Yes, although i am not sure, if update check could be then happen only when i click open cc-cleaner program, because it offers me then new update in middle of page? (if available update) So i can not say for sure, if program is working too much compared to my settings, in background. But i would like it work that way, i can decrease operations i myself think are not needed to check too often.
  5. Hello I am bit disappointed to settings of cc-cleaner professional in windows10. There is settings to updates automatic or manual. Without clicking this check updates link, down right corner, cc-cleaner offers new update. This means program works in background ways that are not allowed in settings. In settings, this is put to manual check for updates only. There i have put nothing to automatically work in background. Only browser i use most, that is clean automatically after closing. I see this as major bug, if this type settings not work as they say. Good updates are offered but user should be able to trust in settings so program not do malware type actions, something else that is promised.