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  1. To Nukecad - I followed your link to the support.microsoft web site about their recommendation to never clean the registry except as a last resort. I never heard this before and was astounded by this and the fact that I thought this was one of the major features and benefits of CCleaner. So, now you are saying I should never clean the registry as general maintenance a few times a year? I thought cleaning the Registry via CCleaner would improve performance? Guess not. Do other people have any comment about this?
  2. I guess the next time I run CCleaner, I just manually backup up the registry using Windows "Create a Restore Point", then run CCleaner and see if it asks me to do a backup the next time. BUT, CCleaner should have asked me to do a backup today and it never did.
  3. I just downloaded and installed CCleaner Pro (have used it before on other PC's). I made sure that the Advanced Option of "Show Prompt to Backup Registry Issues" was checked. Went to clean my Registry and it did not give me a prompt to back up the registry. After cleaning the registry I searched my PC to find backups (looking for "CCleaner Registry*" folder) ….. there were none that I could find. . Also looked for all *.reg files created after yesterday. (Using program called Agent Ransack). I could not find any CCleaner registry backup files. Pretty sure that CCleaner creates files ending in .reg …. correct? Does anybody know what I might be doing wrong or has anybody else had this problem? I am using Windows 10, version 1809 Thanks, Ajer