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  1. many thanks. I'll stop looking now!
  2. Many thanks, hazelnut. I've installed the free version. By the way, I clicked too quickly to install it (well it is nearly midnight & I need my beauty sleep!) - I forgot to uncheck installation of Avast, It took me 40 minutes to uninstall it using Revo Pro and was a real pain as the Avast 'survey' required restarting my laptop which in turn interfered with removing it. All done now. Many thanks for your help - much appreciated. I can't find how to mark your reply as the Answer so I'll do that in the morning after I've read the FAQs.
  3. I currently have the free version of CCleaner. Whenever I'm reminded to run it, it brings up the Professional version. Is this a trial version? If so for how long and what should I do to end it? I'm sure the professional version will be excellent - all your stuff is - but I can't afford it and am content with my free version.
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