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  1. Hi! I'm defragging my 1 TB HDD with Defraggler. It is slow. I tried these steps together at first for speed-up: Disabling volume shadow thing for NTFS. Disabling benchmark after defragging Excluding pagefile, hiberfil etc. files. Excluding moving big files to the end of drive All of these have improved defrag speed but it was still slow. Then today I tried something else: Closing system restore tool of Windows 10. Now it is much much faster. So here is the question: Is disabling system restore points of Windows 10 for defragging, right thing to do ?
  2. Hello. I'm using WD Blue WD10EZEX HDD. Disk usage is around 145 GB and it is a system disk right now. I have moved some files to the slowest section with Defraggler which I use rarely. After that I'm having a problem right now. When I download something, HDD writes some of the new files to the its slowest sections. (end of the disk) I think HDD, Windows or something see that slowest parts are used and writes some files to there. So, I have defragged my disk with Defraggler without moving large files to slowest section for a solution. Today, Steam updated CS:GO and... my disk used its slowest section for some new files again. How can I solve this problem? I didn't have any problems like this before Defraggler afair. Thanks!
  3. I have moved setup.exe etc. files to the end of the drive.
  4. Nobody knows what to do for this problem. LOL.
  5. Defraggler defrags much faster now. But... ?

    Okay. Thanks for help. I'll consider this in the future when I defrag my disk.
  6. Defraggler defrags much faster now. But... ?

    Seems like no problems so far.