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  1. Multiple questions

    Thanks for your reply.
  2. Multiple questions

    Many many thanks mta. That's more like it!
  3. Multiple questions

    Can nobody answer my questions quickly or do I have to spend hours going through the documentation?
  4. Multiple questions

    I have been using CCleaner Free for years but have some questions: 1. In the main GUI Windows Log Files are normally ticked to be analysed/deleted. Why? Surely they are important to keep in Windows. 2. In the same menu but in Applications > Windows there is an option for running CCleaner on RegEdit. What does this actually do? 3. If I fix registry items can I have a problem with restore points in Windows? Is it completely safe to fix all? 4. Where does Tools > Startup feed off? I thought it was from msconfig > Start-up but is it a combination of this and some items from services.msc? 5. In Options > Cookies can I safely delete them all? 6. In Options > Advanced can I safely untick "Only delete files in Windows Temp folders older than 24 hours". Why should these files be kept at all? Many thanks for any advice at this stage.