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  1. If you ever need to reinstall after the first year and download the latest version. Your license code won't work with it. The same thing goes for if you follow the links from the frequent emails urging you to upgrade to the latest version. If you do that, your installion will change to the free version and your code won't work. The only way to keep using the Pro version is if you have the original installation files or update from within the program itself by selecting the "check for updates" feature in the bottom right hand corner.
  2. I can't even install the latest Pro version without being forced to pay for it if I can't provide an updated code. My original unlimited installations code only works with the original DVD disc. That works with a conventional desktop PC but not a new Windows 10 tablet that doesn't have a DVD drive.
  3. The thing that most of us are complaining about though, is that we went all the way through the purchase without seeing any mention of a subscription. Not only that, we went some further years before we were suddenly asked for more money out of the blue.
  4. Yes. There's clearly not any hint of any further payment required, just as my box purchase didn't mention that either. I'm still able to update mine free of charge though and haven't received any nag screen. I just can't do a clean install on my wife's tablet anymore, which I should be able to:
  5. Well, having said I couldn't find a EULA on my installion disc, or in the installation folder on my PC, I realised this week that there is actually a copy in the options section of the user interface. I still cannot see anything in there that would suggest my copy is subject to an annual subscription though. As far as I was concerned when I bought it, it was advertised as a one off payment. I wouldn't be so sure the one advertised by Codes Depot isn't legitimate. They are certainly not the only retailer under the impression what they are selling is not a subscription product. Interestingly, I received an email inviting me to upgrade to the latest version a couple of days ago. It was headed: Introducing CCleaner v5.50, to boost your slowing PC I know from previous experience that if I followed that link and downloaded it, I would be told my license has expired. On the other hand, in the past, if I ignored the email and used the program itself to check for updates it usually updates itself in a matter of seconds without a problem. Iwas a bit apprehensive considering the contents of this discussion but decided to go ahead as I do have a full system backup made each day to an external hard drive. I took the plunge, and it upgraded without a hitch as usual.
  6. I hadn't realised Piriform was a British company. However, it was dissolved last October, presumably as part of the takeover. https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/05565433
  7. Here are pictures of all 6 sides of the box and of the tray and installation disc inside. The box was sealed, but there was nothing inside apart from the cardboard packing tray and disc in a paper cover. No instruction booklet or anything else. As you can see, there is zero indication that this might be a subscription product. It was priced at $33.99, which I imagine was considerably more than the initial subsciption when sold on that basis. I've checked the disc and there is no easily readable EULA on that and I cannot see one in the installation folder on my PC now it's installed either. It seems the only way the EULA could ever have been read is if the installion process had been interrupted to see it then and how many people do that? Even then, the disc can only be accessed after the packaging seal is broken so I doubt it anything in the EULA that contradicted the apparent sale conditions would hold up in law in this country, or anywhere in the EU. The US and other countries will have their own consumer protecion laws, which may be different. As I said previously, I haven't had any request for additional payments, so it could be the boxed retail version I have, does have a different EULA to the direct download from Piriform. The only way I could see that though is by doing a clean install from the original disc and I don't have a spare PC to do that.
  8. I seem to be in a slightly different position to most of the people commenting here in as much as my copy is a boxed retail version allowing installation on unlimited PC's for home use. As such, I currently have it on two desktops and two laptops, all of which have been able to automatically update to the latest version whenever it's released for no extra charge. I bought mine on February 20th 2015. There was zero mention on the sealed box or the sale details of any further subscriptions ever being required . I have both the original box and the sale invoice in front of me as I'm writing this. The only hiccup I've come across in the past three years is when I need to do a fresh installation, for example when I have built myself a new PC. If I download the latest professional trial version and try to upgrade it using my key it says it's expired, so up to now, I've always got around the problem by installing from the original disc and then upgrading to the latest version from that.That has always worked without a hitch. Today is the first time that hasn't worked and that's because I just bought a new tablet for my wife, which obviously hasn't got an optical drive so I copied the files from my original disc to a USB stick and tried to install it from that but got a system message that it isn't compatible with the version of Windows the tablet is running (It's the very latest Windows 10 October update one installed this week) So, I downloaded the professional trial version, tried entering my key, which of course didn't work and then came to this site to try and find how to fix it. I tried the "Lost key" link but that didn't work. I didn't buy it directly from Piriform so they don't appear to have any record of my email address. Finally I've come to the forum to see if it's known problem and found it is. I haven't had any of these nag screens other people have mentioned. I was using the free version previously but paid $33.99 on the basis that it was a one off payment, was useful for my main PC to have the extra utilities it offers and the fact I could use it on my other machines was a bonus. They don't get much use so the free version is probably good enough for them anyway. There's no way I would ever pay an annual subscription for any software though. There are multitudes of programs offered free or for a one off payment as an alternative. I won't be happy if I get asked for extra payment to continue using what I already have, although I accept the time might come when Windows or PC specification progress might mean a completely different version might have to be purchased. I have a number of programs I've been using since the 1990's that I have had to replace with a newer version multiple times. However, I won't be considering anything that requires a subscription. Although I bought the software from a US retailer, I am in the UK. In this country, and I believe, throughout the EU, it would be completely illegal to sell sealed software in a box that has no mention of a subscription and then request further payment a year later. That is classed as misleading advertising and can result in a court conviction and a large fine. In the case of multiple cases of such malpractice, the fines can run into millions of pounds or Euros as some of the biggest US companies have found to their cost. It is a grey area in my case though as the seller is in the States and I'm in this country so I'm not sure which consumer protection laws apply. Anyway TL;DR, CCleaner Pro has definitely been sold in the past with the appearance to all intents and purposes of being subscription free.