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  1. Yes I know it's a different issue but it's combined on the same pop-up. I also had email messages promoting the Black Friday promotion but that's not the point. I had at least two pop-ups................one yesterday and one today that advertised the Black Friday promotion but also claimed my License has expired, which it hasn't as I haven't updated to one of the versions that is a subscribed one. I'm still using a current version license.
  2. I just got the Black Friday/Expiry notice again. Two days running but the program does still seem to be working as normal. The automatic cleaning ran earlier. Screenshot attached.
  3. I got the pop up yesterday too so the issue hasn't been fixed.
  4. As I've posted several times in this thread: You can get all the old versions from Filehippo.com here: https://filehippo.com/download_ccleaner/history/ The original version you bought should last forever but also much newer ones too. I found I can use all versions up to 5.58.7209. Anything later than that becomes a susbscription version. I bought mine a couple of years after you so you might have to experiment and settle for an earlier one, I don't know. Whichever version you can register though, just make sure to turn off automatic updfates and also decline any you are offered. That should make sure you are not "upgraded" to a version that requires a subscription.
  5. You can continue using the original version you bought in 2015 for as long as you like, so you might consider that to be a lifetime license but Piriform don't refer to it as such. They call it a version license. I've found I can use all versions up to 5.58.7209 on my original purchase license. If I update beyond that, it gets converted to an annual subscription version, which like you, I'm not willing to pay. So I've turned off auto updates and decline any offers of upgrading. Everything is working to my satisfaction including including prompts to clean my hard drive whenever CCleaner can save more than 1 GB of wasted space. If you need to reinstall the product, you can get all the older versions from Filehippo.com. Just don't install anything newer than 5.58.7209 and it should work OK.
  6. Despite this thread going on for around a year, it's only recently been clarified that the product was indeed sold by version in the past but has changed over the years into a subscription product. The problem is that people were able to keep updating to the latest version without realising they were updating into a different kind of product. Because Piriform didn't actively enforce the subscription requirement on people who had originally bought a version based product most customers weren't aware of this until Avast took over and did enforce it. However, you should be able to continue to use your original version without having to start paying an annual subscription and indeed by my experience, all the way up to version 5.58.7209 which was published on June 6th this year. You do need to turn off automatic updates though or you will find yourself updated into a subscription version. Since the recent discussion regarding the Filehippo archives, I can confirm they are working again so you should be able to download the version you need via this page: https://filehippo.com/download_ccleaner/history/
  7. Piriform don't publish Malwarebytes. It's a different company, so there's not much point complaining about it here................ unless you know something I don't.
  8. That worked. As long as I can keep using that version I'll be happy. Auto updates are turned off. Thanks
  9. The older versions aren't available. They're listed but if you click to download them, you're switched to the latest version. That goes for every legitimate file download site I checked. ( I'm not including crack/warez type sites. Why would I use them when I've paid for the software?
  10. So I tried that and various older versions are shown but when I clicked on "download this version" it got switched to the latest one instead. I tried the same thing with various download sites and every one that advertised V5.58.7209 switched to the latest version when I clicked on it. Unsurprisingly it seems Piriform don't want people running the older versions.
  11. If you look back to my post of June 26th this year, you'll that the pop ups started around then with version 5.59.7230. I had been running V5.58.7209 which suddenly had automatic updates reactivated shortly before. I had initially thought it was a bonus. However, when the next automatic update "upgraded" my copy to version 5.59.7230 it reverted to the free version, losing automatic cleaning in the process and the pop ups started urging me to upgrade to the Professional version. Fortunately, I acted immediately and used system restore to go back a few days to when V5.58.7209 was still the installed version. Then I disabled automatic updates and put a block on anything to do with CCleaner or Piriform passing through the Windows firewall. It's been working fine ever since. The only pop ups I get are the ones relating to automatic cleaning. I don't get any advertising pop ups. Obviously I'm stuck with V5.58.7209 but that's fair enough and it does everything I need. The only problem is Piriform only offer downloads of the latest version so I may not be able to reinstall it if I change my PC but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.
  12. The order cofirmation you have attached is for Recuva, not CCleaner................unless it was bundled with CCleaner?
  13. Not a thing? If you mean I'm being paranoid and my precautions are not necessary, maybe that's right............ I'm not in any hurry to test that theory. The thing is, I'm running version V5.58.7209 and I'm not accepting any updates as they steal my open ended license. It's running just fine as I paid for at the moment.
  14. Use system restore to go back to a few days ago before you got this message. That should restore your installation to how it was. Then open CCleaner, decline to update to the latest vesionn. Go through all the options and disable anything that implies automatic updates. To be sure, use the cookie keeper in CCleaner to remove CCleaner and Avast's cookies from the "keep" list. Finally, use the windows firewall to prevent anything from CCleaner or Avast being allowed to communicate with your PC. Once you have done this. you will still get the occasional message urging you to update to the latest version but decline to do that and your original installation will be safe and automatic cleaning will still work.. Basically, everything we have ben told since the end of last year is a lie. Let the app update and you will lose your lifetime licence and you will revert to the free version which is missing various things such as automatic cleaning once you have a certain amount of recoverable space.
  15. Well thanks for that detailed explanation. It certainly explains why the confusion came about and does sound quite fair in theory. However, whatever the intention I don't believe things have gone exactly to plan: Although Piriform has maybe never advertised the paid CCleaner Professional product as being a "lifetime licence" it has certainly been presented it in such a way at least at times, that anyone considering purchasing the product would be unaware of a potential subscription requirement and make the reasonable presumption that it was indeed a "version based" product. I posted pictures of my box in page 2 of this thread and someone else posted a few days ago that they also have the original retail box showing no mention at all of a subscription. I've got no problem with something having a period of usable life defined by version. I have a couple of programs on my PC at the moment that I have been buying updated versions of since the 1990's. That is what I thought I was paying for when I purchased CCleaner pro. What has happened though, is the goalposts have been moved. I see you are in the UK. In which case you shoulf be familiar with the Sale of goods act and other consumer protection legislation, most of which are in common with the whole of EU. To sell something that has no mention of a limited licence at point of sale and then try to introduce one at a later date is absolutely a blatant case of misleading advertising, which could lead to a court fine, and if the EU courts got involved, a very heavy one. You say that people are entitled to use earlier versions related to when they made the purchase but unless they have the original installation media, there is no way to do that once they have upgraded to newer versions as the latest version is the only one available for download from the website. Even worse: This is already incorrect information. You kindly tested my registration key for me on the 15th of this month and confirmed it was a genuine key and that it was possible to register version 5.58.7209. So I tested it myself on my back up PC and installed first the trial version of Pro and then the Free version and found the key was able to register both of them. I did notice at the time that the automatic update feature had been re-enabled so I'm not sure how I came by that version as I have always been doing manual updates but I thought that was a bonus. I found this week though that the automatic update feature was effectively a trojan horse as when I woke my PC from sleep on Monday morning (June 24) I got a pop up window on my desktop announcing that my licence for CCleaner had expired and that automatic cleaning was no longer available unless I renewed it. I can't remember what else it said but it appears you do now lose certain features you have been able to use even if the licence was shown as expired. There was certainly no advance warning this was going to happen. I didn't open the actual CCleaner program. Instead, I closed the pop up and used System Restore to go back to the previous day when I had V5.58.7209 meaning the automatic cleaning and all other features were still working. Then, I opened the program itself and got a message saying there was a new version available and asking if I wanted to download it. I declined, and instead deactivated automatic updates and just to be sure blocked CCleaner update in the Windows Firewall. Up to now, everything appears to be working as it was although I get a prompt urging me to upgrade to version 5.59.7230 if I open the program. Since that is the version that seems to disable the Pro features I decline. In fact, I very rarely open the program itself normally as the automatic cleaning feature is the only one I need on the whole. I'll just leave things as they are for now. Interestingly, as I mentioned previously, I had tried my key on my backup machine the same day you did eleven days ago and it worked. Unfortunately, I left it with the free version installed. I took a look earlier today and decided to try the key to see what would happen expecting it to be declined. Instead, as you can probably see your end, it was accepted so that one is also registered now as a working Pro version 5.58.7209. Of course, I get the prompt to upgrade to V5.59.7230 but I declined and deactivated automatic updates. I would have disabled Firewall access to CCleaner update too but it wasn't even listed so it must have been requested by the updated version before I reverted on my main machine. I'm interested to see if other people are having the same experiences now.
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