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  1. Malware

    Just had my Webroot anti virus remove a threat from CCleaner.exe...threat was W32.Malware.Gen So what's the deal here..did I pick this up from somewhere and if so how did it get into my CCleaner pro
  2. Yellow Dot

    On the menu left hand side CCleaner pro..there is a yellow dot in the 'tools" square...what does that mean
  3. ccleaner wont clean session

    I was having the same pop up telling me it could not clean Edge Sessions....Firefox is my default browser and I don't use Edge...I clicked on the Edge icon and it's home page opened up...I clicked it off and ran CCleaner...it cleaned Edge Sessions...and shows cleaning Edge Sessions ever since...I guess Edge is running in the background...I'm not a computer "expert" but the pop up does not come on anymore
  4. Here's what I did to get it to clean Sessions....I was having that pop up telling me it could not clean sessions...so I figured the file was not there to clean..so I clicked on the edge browser (..Firefox is my default..) as soon as it opened up I clicked it off...I ran CCleaner and lo and behold it cleaned Edge sessions...my take on this is just ignore the popup...because it's not there to begin with...not a computer expert BTW
  5. Microsoft Edge

    CCleaner cannot clean Sessions due to prelaunching and tab preloading...this has something to do with edge..any ideas
  6. Delete

    Have you tried Revo uninstaller
  7. Scanning registry fails on a particular error.

    Personally...I stay away from this option of scanning registry
  8. Your pop up won't go away!

    Try right click on task bar ...click Task manager...In process tab see if it is there...highlite it... and click end task
  9. Wiping free space

    While wiping free space..which takes a long time..can I still use the computer on the net..while it's wiping
  10. CCleaner Bundle

    I purchased the CCleaner Pro Plus bundle...CCleaner , Speccy, Recuva and Defraggler...is CCleaner Cloud something else to purchase...what are the advantages over CCleaner Pro Plus
  11. CCleaner Bundle

    Thanks Nergal

    OK Andavari thanks...just wondered how it got deleted as Speccy worked when I originally downloaded it..I use System Mechanic for deleting also...so possibly it was that
  13. clicked on Speccy but all items says it cannot find file specified
  14. The system cannot find the file specified

    Problem solved...it was Windows Management Instrumentation file that was missing...reinstalled file ..now OK

    I was having problems with Speccy..showing "The system cannot find the file specified" when it opened... It turns out it was not Speccy but my computer that was missing ..Windows Management Instrumentation file...I wonder If CCleaner deleted it...I managed to reinstate the file by downloading a repair program ..Tweaking.com/windows repair Now Speccy works OK
  16. Speccy doesn't work in Windows 10

    I had a problem with Speccy but it was my computer not Speccy...I was missing Windows Management Instrumentation file...I managed to fix it by using a repair program... tweaking .com/windows repair... I'm running Win 10
  17. I have Piriform professional bundle CCleaner, Recuva Defraggler and Speccy....all seem to work OK except Speccy..which opens showing all areas..'The system cannot find the file specified" Should I reinstall the bundle or can I reinstall Speccy only..I'm running Win 10
  18. Speccy ..cannot find file specified

    Problem now solved..it was Windows Management Instrumentation File which was missing...by using a repair program... tweaking .com windows repair.... It found it ..Speccy now working OK
  19. The system cannot find the file specified

    I reinstalled the CCleaner bundle....CCleaner pro plus...Revuva...Deflaggler.and Speccy...Speccy no change still showing..." the system cannot find the file specified.".it tries for and instant to analyze then shuts off...I shut off windows defender ..no change.. help
  20. The system cannot find the file specified

    Follow up..I downloaded Speccy again...still the same ..only item that works is Peripherals...Win 10...tried properties..ran trouble shooter...ran as administrator...this worked when I first installed the CCleaner package...but now I'm at a loss

    I have been using CCleaner free for a long time without any problems...I recently upgraded to CCleaner Professional....I use Firefox and save my download to a "download" file...suddenly all my saved downloads were deleted...I have Recuva OK..but why did this happen? I can run the cleaner normally and the file is still intact...but I have done a "Free Space Wipe" a couple of times...could this have done it ? thanks in advance
  22. Drive Wiper

    Does Drive Wiper clean up the drive or does it remove windows
  23. Drive Wiper

    Thanks NUKECAD...now it makes sense
  24. How to delete a deleted file from the list

    Right click on the file..take your pick on action
  25. Drive Wiper

    Thanks for the replies..I have to investigate this more...I understood if you wipe free space.. then that made all the deleted files unrecoverable...so I ran a free space wipe on my drive...when it finished I ran Recuva.. hundreds of files came up and all were recoverable...so I had to overwrite them with Recuva ..and this made them unrecoverable.. so what good was it running the wipe in the first place...thanks in advance