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    I have been using CCleaner free for a long time without any problems...I recently upgraded to CCleaner Professional....I use Firefox and save my download to a "download" file...suddenly all my saved downloads were deleted...I have Recuva OK..but why did this happen? I can run the cleaner normally and the file is still intact...but I have done a "Free Space Wipe" a couple of times...could this have done it ? thanks in advance
  2. Drive Wiper

    Thanks NUKECAD...now it makes sense
  3. How to delete a deleted file from the list

    Right click on the file..take your pick on action
  4. Drive Wiper

    Thanks for the replies..I have to investigate this more...I understood if you wipe free space.. then that made all the deleted files unrecoverable...so I ran a free space wipe on my drive...when it finished I ran Recuva.. hundreds of files came up and all were recoverable...so I had to overwrite them with Recuva ..and this made them unrecoverable.. so what good was it running the wipe in the first place...thanks in advance
  5. Drive Wiper

    Does Drive Wiper clean up the drive or does it remove windows
  6. User Assist Files

    I'm using CCleaner Pro...I have User Assist files checked in the Advanced section...after cleaning a few times and rebooting..they are still there..is it safe to delete manually...or what is left is not a history but a requirement thanks
  7. centurion

    Hi..I just purchased CCleaner Pro... and on a clean found cookies of websites were not erased...after reading a lot on it ..with no result...I found the cure for me anyway...I use Firefox.. and going into Firefox settings ..privacy section, Cookies ..I clicked clear ...bingo they were gone from CCleaner list and stayed deleted..the cookies that I wanted remained My CCleaner is now working fine without going into browser settings...I now believe the cookies were old cookies before I purchased CCleaner...who knows..all' s well that ends well