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  1. Quick Clean

    I've switched the start screen to Custom Clean in >Options > Settings but I'd prefer it to go away permanently. Have I got to wait for another update, or as it's been installed once, am I stuck with it? To me, it seems poor design to introduce something in a trusted program that at a glance just looks like another UI change but when used it overrides the previous settings. I'm extremely irritated about the History being deleted and I don't want any chance of it happening again.
  2. Quick Clean

    I'm another one of the guinea pigs for Quick Clean on Windows, 7 in my case, and I didn't like it at first sight. I realise, particularly in this case as it's designed for Android, that a lot of software is designed for touch screens, but to me it's more than irritating when I get gigantic buttons or the like on an ordinary desktop monitor. Surely it can't be that difficult to offer an option of a touch screen or not UI? I didn't notice the Custom Clean option so clicked on Quick Clean. I disliked it even more when I discovered it had wiped my last X months of Internet History, despite my previous installations have had that de-selected. Also, I noticed there was no option to see what was cleaned. That's a minor irritation from a few upgrades ago, having to click again to see the results. The last straw was when I came to register. I understand perfectly the need for anti-bot systems but after answering a security question to still have to deal with the infuriating Google reCaptcha meant I nearly gave up.