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  1. Please any advice, this is strange .

    Ah right thanks for clearing things up , i was getting a little paranoid for a bit there . Ill have to look into how to stop firefox from doing that, its pretty annoying . Cheers again mate .
  2. Please any advice, this is strange .

    Hey folks need to know if anyone has any advice on what is happening to me . I have used recuva for a while and not noticed this before . I did a normal scan on C:drive and on looking into what is in an "excellent state" to recover i noticed loads of pictures that i havent taken , they seem to be screenshots of random stuff i have been browsing online , random youtube videos , shoes etc and also other things that ive never seen before . What could be causing this ? Is this some kind of error with windows 7 that its randomly taking screenshots of what im doing , how could this be and how do i stop it ? Would really appreciate some help from experienced IT people . Thanks .