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  1. Hi i accidently deleted all my files (798gb) in my hard disk (:F) music,games,movies and all my family photos:( first when i started with deep scan and it took 3 hours to finish step 1 then suddenly program crashed for no reason (it closed my eng sucks) in my second attempt it took 3 three hours again and then in step 2 it crashed the whole pc on my third attempt i patiently wait 3 hours again ... when it s completed(%100 all steps) there was no files at all (program didn t show me any files for recovery) but when i tried to cancel the scanning progress at %4 i saw some of my music and i could recover them so... What am i doing wrong on this situation why it doesent show up anything when all the steps are done PLEASE HELP!!! or I am in really big trouble 11th grade kid