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  1. Understand, And I have considered it. Most do offer money back guarantee if they can't recover anything, but what if they can only recover the stuff I don't want? I'd still need to pay top dollar. By the way, I since canceled the recuva program and it ended up completing, lots of files present, but all seem to be corrupted after I recover them, despite recuva suggesting the files are in "excellent" condition. Not a single file works, whether it be Jpeg, mpeg, excel..etc, all appear to be corrupted. Is this normal or not? Would a professional service be able to not only recover but also repair them?
  2. I have a 4TB WD external hard drive, which, unfortunately for me failed. It wouldn't recognize in my computer. But when plugged it in there was the famous windows noise, no clicking or anything like that from the drive. Anyway, to get any program to recognise the drive I had to format it in disk management (W7) which I did and finally my computers (and other programs) could once again pick it up. This drive has years of ridiculously important files on, jpeg, movie files, excel. Mostly important is my kids pictures and vids from when they were a baby till now, family holiday pics..etc. My PC is a Dell i5, 16gb ram, 500gb SSD, x64. The drive with the issues is a external 2.5" 4TB. Recova has been scanning now for approx 2.5 days solid, its still on stage 1 and has reached 94%. Its now been stuck there for 10 hours now. 1 hour ago I got a windows message pop up saying the something like: Windows memory is low, please save your files...blah blah...and close the program recova. I had the option to close recuva or cancel. I cancelled. I immediately checked free space on my internal SSD and it was on 4GB left. I erased some files to get 23GB free. I then changed pagefile virtual memory size accordingly. Its stuck on 94% and im not sure what to do now. Any tips?