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  1. Feature Previews on v5.48.6834

    Thanks JDPower for your input. Yes, at this time user can't opt-out. As they mentioned on the link, at this time users randomly get selected for "feature previews". "In the future we will add support for opting out of feature previews, so if you’re not interested in potentially being selected for this, you can remain on version 5.47 for the time being." I noticed the bug for Edge has b en resolved in this version. Since the Windows 10 version 1803 and also in 1809, it asked me to close Edge. What I did was to open Edge and then close it and then run CCleaner again and that time it didn't ask me to close Edge. But on Win10 1809, that didn't work so I had to uninstall CCleaner version CCleaner v5.47. @nukecad I have KIS but when installing CCleaner v5.48.6834, everything was okay. Any idea?
  2. I read about " Feature Previews" on https://www.ccleaner.com/news/release-announcements But didn't find anything about it in the CCleaner v5.48 after installing it. Why?