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  1. Defraggler Taking too long

    Hi There and thanks for the response. VSS was not checked, have altered that and am now re-running defrag again. I stopped it at 6% at 11pm last night :-( Hopefully this time it will be a more acceptable time :-)
  2. Hi There After years of loyal use of CCleaner, I decided that it was time to purchase the pro version and realising on instal that it came with the bundle of other apps set about defragging my C drive. I started the programme running at 7pm yesterday [it is currently 9am the following day] and it is reporting only 5% complete with >1day left to complete. This is very odd as the Win 10 packaged defrag app says that my C drive is 0% fragmented and the drive is optimised weekly. Please can someone enlighten me. I have attached screenshots of both apps.