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  1. About: Black Friday popup ads covering the "Run Cleaner" button on fullscreen app mode I dislike the behaviour of Piriform company, they started becoming more commercial and while they already made a bunch of money from CCleaner, they want to focus on monetizing the tool even more and now resorted to pretty intrusive ads, harming their reputation. I am starting to get less and less sympathy for CCleaner developers, for some reason this move gives me a sense of their arrogance. The aggressive pop-up advertisements were engineered to cover the "Clean now" button entirely, on startup of the program. Atleast is the case now with "Black friday sale" ad on CCleaner 5.49.. so closing the ad before running the cleaner is neccesary. They hope to annoy loyal users who want to get rid of the ad by buying the paid version, but I think all it does is scare them away from CCleaner or retreat to older versions with less commercial focus. Not covering the "Run cleaner" button with ads in fullscreen opening mode, therefore not requiring the user to dismiss the ad manually or wait before being able to clean, will already make this ad much less aggressive. I am doubting whether I should firewall block Ccleaner executable so it cannot fetch the ad, or moving away from CCleaner entirely.
  2. CCleaner is loved by developers for the obvious reason of advanced users taking care of their system. I suggest adding an option to clean some cache locations that fill up lots of disk space for the average developer, you could list some common dev software such as "Microsoft Visual Studio" and/or "Debugging Tools for Windows" under the Applications cleaning submenu. When someone is using Debugging tools for Windows, especially software like WinDbg, the disk tends to get filled up with symbol files (pdb, dll for crashdumped apps that fit the host machine it crashed on and which you're analyzing for, or otherwise pdb symbols for all components & dependencies of an app you're debugging) in these locations: The new metro-styled WinDbg store app: C:\ProgramData\dbg\ > all its subfolders contain caches old-fashioned WinDbg/some other common debuggers and development suites possibly: C:\symbols There may be other folders tied to Visual Studio or other common development environments, that contains cache and log files,I am just suggesting yet another "Application" to clean in CCleaner and when this gets accepted as idea then I believe Piriform investigates caches created by said software. Also others could post the locations they know in here. I personally experienced how symbol files (on the above location) could fill up several GB's in disk space.
  3. I suggest CCleaner to support cleaning of the Windows shader cache. It is located at C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\D3DSCache\ and Windows Disk Cleanup has supported it for ages, so then why not also CCleaner? I am successfully using it as 'include' custom cleanup rule for a long time.