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  1. True awsome information on how to do system image and always back up your data
  2. And its targeting the website it not me causing this--Thankyou for any reply
  3. Ps it now being targeted by fake windows virius drive by install i know because ive copped it a couple of times to get rid of it use control alt deleteand use task manager to detete it then do full scan via malware bytes and this new beta program from malware bytes to do a deep scan of your pc---https://www.malwarebytes.com/antirootkit/ this is very annoying when this happens windows alert microsoft which is a a fake drive by alert its targeting the download link from your web site when you go to install new update from bottom right hand side thats when it happens i do daily scan with malware bytes full version and the anti root kit from malware bytes that does a deep scan as comodo live disc which targets deeper into the registry to get rid of any remnants of ?-- I cant risk this sorte of problem because i do a lot of malware removel scan drives so that why do above and i scan my pc ie computer daily
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