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  1. Disappointed product

    Great response, like always. Thank you, Moderators A Hole.
  2. What a great attitude the moderators here have. Care to explain why you don't reply to posts or comments but the ones that you like?
  3. Disappointed product

    I wonder if marine4life59 got any support from anyone at Piriform. I hope so. If not, may he/she be the last user to be disappointed by Piriform.
  4. The df.exe in recent Defraggler release still doesn't respect setting in defraggler.ini. So I'm asking you, begging you, to please make df.exe to look for all the settings in defraggler.ini like the GUI does. Thank you.
  5. Be a decent human being and do not defrag an SSD!
  6. Options in command line mode

    No respond after this long time? People at piriform seems to have little care of the users.