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  1. Hello, First I apologize if this question was posted -- a quick search did not produce answers I needed and I'm feeling desperate. Let me explain my situation below: My android LG "Factory Reset" itself while in my pocket yesterday (my pin was incorrectly entered too many times) and it seems as if I have lost all data. However, most online forums say a phone's Factory Reset will NOT affect or erase data stored on the SD Card. However, after turning my phone back on and going through the setup wizard, it said that my SD Card is "corrupted" and to tap to fix it. When I tapped this option it said I needed to format my SD Card. I did not do this and turned off my phone. Today I bought a micro SD card adapter and plugged it into my computer. The device was "recognized" assigning it a drive letter; however, it also gave me the message that it needed to be formatted to use it -- again, I did not choose to format it. I ran a command prompt (chkdsk [SD card drive letter]: /f) which did not work. I then downloaded Recuva because I heard good things about people recovering lost data. However, as the title suggest, I am getting the message that it cannot determine system file type. Is this fixable? Also, given the information I provided above about what happened to my phone/SD Card, do you think my data is recoverable? If anyone has had something similar happen please, PLEASE let me know. I am feeling sick to my stomach at the moment. Any advice with regard to this matter will be most appreciated. John PS -- I thought I had an option on my LG that was backing up everything, but I cannot find anything of the sort under settings. I also thought I had Cloud enabled, but it was only for my contacts...